A Century of Science

A Look Back at the First Decades of
Science and Mathematics at Austin College (1910-1940)

The exhibit includes short biographies of selected faculty in the sciences and mathematics displayed on the pillars surrounding the Abell Library Atrium. There are two exhibit cases dedicated to students, science clubs and student assistants.  Additionally the curriculum for science and math, books of the era and an entrance exam are on display.  Scientific equipment and laboratory models are included throughout the exhibit cases as well as in a free-standing case.  The destruction of Old Main and the construction of Thompson Hall are the focus of another exhibit case.  A final exhibit case highlights scholarships and fellowships given by students from the 1910-1940 era that are being awarded to Austin College students of today.

The exhibit is housed in the Abell Library Atrium and opens on September 28 and will remain until November 1.  Hours for the exhibit are the same as the library hours.

The exhibit was organized by Peggy Redshaw, Professor of Biology, John M. Richardson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Pat Means, Supervisor Interlibrary Loan and Media Scheduling.