Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan - 2015-2020 The Austin College community has come together in recent months to give serious consideration to where the College is today—and where we need to move in the future. Thankfully, we were very fortunate to enter this season of planning from a position of strength. In the past five years, even in the midst of a recessionary economy, the value and quality of an Austin College education have been enhanced and expanded opportunities have been made available for students. Applications have reached record highs, as has donor support for sponsored scholarships and annual gifts to the College. Our academic reputation and our media presence have grown. Our graduates are getting good jobs, scholarships for graduate school, acceptances to top medical and law schools, and prestigious post‐graduate awards. New housing allows seniors to play a larger role in campus life. With the help of many alumni, friends, and foundations, we have created the new IDEA Center, our most ambitious and transformative facility. Third-party reviewers consistently identify Austin College as a top college, a great value for students, and an institution that outperforms similarly resourced peers. The new strategic plan can be found below, along with some of the documents that were prepared during the planning process.