Honors Program Nomination Procedures

General Procedure

  1. During the student’s junior year, the department chair nominates him or her for the Departmental Honors Program by sending his or her name to the Director of the Honors Program.
  2. The Director reviews the student’s academic performance outside the department with the Honors Committee and, if the student meets program standards, notifies the student by letter of the approval of his or her nomination.
  3. The student must decide whether or not to accept the nomination by the beginning of the following fall semester. Submission of a Committee Acceptance Form to the Director of the Honors Program indicates acceptance of the nomination.

If Nominated in More than One Department

Occasionally, a student is approved for honors in two departments.  A student nominated in two departments may choose to conduct interdisciplinary research involving both disciplines.  This is acceptable as long as the student chooses to receive honors from the department that most closely fits the research methods being used for the project. Thus, one thesis project receives honors in only one department.