Honors Thesis Formatting


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There is no official style for Austin College Honors theses.  Each thesis director or department should determine the proper style for the specific thesis:  the Honors Committee assumes that the thesis director will make sure that the student is writing in a style and format appropriate to the discipline or subdiscipline. Hence, the Committee will check only for consistency, not for a particular style.

Whatever standard is chosen, the thesis writer must turn in the name of the style manual or an article from the chosen disciplinary journal as a guide for the Honors Committee when checking the style.  Again, the Honors Committee is not interested in a specific style, but we do want to ensure that the style adopted is consistent throughout the thesis.

Format Checklist Before Submitting Thesis

Below is a list of style requirements that the Honors Committee will be looking for in the thesis.  The thesis should be checked for these requirements  prior to submitting it to Wendy Wilson.  The specifics of these guidelines are outlined below.

  • The text is double spaced in a standard font
  • The margins are correct
  • The pages are in the correct order
  • The title and name of thesis writer is in all capitals on the title page
  • The page numbering on the front pages begins on the Signature Page with ii and continues in lower case Roman numerals through the Abstract
  • The page numbers of the introductory material should be included in the table of contents
  • Every page of the text should be numbered
  • Footnotes should appear on the same page as they are cited in the text

Specific Guidelines for Formatting Thesis

Paper, Copies, and Fonts

Abell Library will not accept any copies for binding until the thesis has been approved by the thesis committee and received officially by the Honors Director.

Order of Pages

Blank Page
Title Page (see below for sample)
Signature Page   (see below for sample)
Acknowledgments (if any)
Table of Contents
List of Tables (if any)
List of Figures (if any)
Endnotes (if internal citation or footnotes are not used)
Appendices (if any)
Blank Page

(The Title Page should be centered evenly in the middle of the page
and do not put a page number in the right hand corner)TITLE
Presented to the Faculty
of Austin College
In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
for the HONORS PROGRAM of the Department of ________________Sherman, Texas
DateAn original paper copy must be given to Abell Library (for its permanent collection).  You may also have other copies bound for your own use at this time.  Abell Library will pay for binding the single library copy, but you may have as many copies bound as you like, either at the bindery used by Abell Library (allow six weeks to two months to receive these back) or by a bindery of your choice. Since the cost of binding varies over time, please check with the office of the Secretary for the Honors Committee, Wendy Wilson (x2376) as to cost.You should use an appropriate standard font, such as Times Roman, Courier, etc.  If you have questions about a font you would like to use, please bring a sample of it to the Honors Director for approval.  You may use 10-pt. or 12-pt. type.

The signature page, placed immediately after the title page, must appear as follows:

Approved by _______________________________, Thesis Director
Name and Title

example:  Dr. John Smith, Associate Professor of Biology

Name and Title

Name and Title

The signature of each member of the student’s committee must appear on the signature page.

Pagination, Margins, Spacing

The first page of the thesis text is page one. All pages must be numbered (unless you choose to leave page numbers off pages with a title or chapter heading on them). Page numbering must be consistent throughout the thesis.  You should number the front matter pages except the title page (including signature page, acknowledgments, table of contents, list of tables, and list of figures) with lower-case Roman numerals starting with ii on the signature page.


  • Top:  1 1/2 inches
  • Bottom:  1 inch
  • Left Side:  2 inches (to allow for binding)
  • Right Side:  1 inch

It will be your responsibility to measure the results of your formatting with the printer you use so that the margins are actually in line with the measurements given above.

Use double spacing in all the regular text (or space-and-a-half spacing if your advisor permits), not single spacing.  The thesis advisor should decide whether block quotations should be single-spaced or double-spaced.