Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

A student participates in a summer internship at the Sam Rayburn Library in Bonham, Texas.

Experiential learning opportunities are an integral way for students to gain insight into the world of work, explore vocation, and participate in servant leadership.

Experiential learning opportunities:

  • add more meaning to their academic studies by giving students a chance to apply theories learned in classes to “real life” situations;
  • to identify those interdisciplinary skills gained from the classroom that are utilized and applied in a particular workplace;
  • and to develop an understanding of the broad base of liberal arts knowledge and skills which may be applied creatively to a myriad of life experiences.

Advocacy Teams

Austin College Advocacy Teams incorporate three programs that focus on Mock Trial, Moot Court and Mediation.

Internship Programs

Internship experiences afford students special opportunities not normally available in the classroom.

Language Immersion Programs

The Jordan Family Language House offers round-the-clock study of German, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Chinese language and culture.

Model U.N.

Model United Nations conferences are actual simulations of the workings of the United Nations, with delegates assuming the positions currently pending among the countries they represent.

Peace Corps Prep Program

The Austin College Peace Corps Preparation Program (PCPP) is designed to help students acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to serve in the Peace Corps.

Scarbrough Summer Research Program

This fellowship program, created in honor of former Austin College professors Paul Beardsley and Clyde Hall, fosters faculty-student collaborative research in the humanities and social sciences.  For more information, contact Max Grober.

Social Entrepreneurship for Poverty Alleviation

Social Entrepreneurship for Poverty Alleviation (SEPA) is a collaborative program between Austin College, The Texoma Council of Governments, and US Government Grants, designed to increase student engagement and collaboration with local non-profit organizations. For more information, contact Don Rodgers.

STAR Leadership Program

The Science Teaching and Research (STAR) Leadership Program is an outstanding opportunity for all Austin College students who take chemistry and biology courses to learn leadership behaviors as they learn science. Contact Stephanie Gould for more information.

Student Managed Investment Fund

The Todd A. Williams Student Managed Investment Fund was created by a $1 million gift from alumnus Todd Williams, managing director at Goldman, Sachs & Company in 2007. For more information, contact David Griffith.

Student Scholarship Conference

The annual Student Scholarship Conference showcases student-faculty collaborative projects and independent student projects undertaken at Austin College, celebrating students’ outstanding academic endeavors.

Undergraduate Research

Austin College actively supports and encourages scholarship in both students and faculty.