Student Scholarship Conference

Austin College hosted its annual Student Scholarship Conference, March 20-21, 2015. This event showcased student-faculty collaborative projects and independent student projects undertaken at Austin College, celebrating our students’ outstanding academic endeavors. Sponsored by the Robert & Joyce Johnson Center for Faculty Development and Excellence in Teaching, the Austin College Student Scholarship Conference included student presentations of research projects, intellectual scholarship activities, and creative works. In the spirit of the liberal arts, this conference brings together the intellectual stimulation of an academic pursuit with the thrill of creative expression.

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Student Scholarship Conference 2015

Departments will identify and encourage students during the fall semester who have appropriate projects and would benefit from presenting at this all-campus event. Students who have appropriate projects and would benefit from presenting at the conference will be identified by academic departments. Identification of students and preliminary submissions of project descriptions should occur by November 19, 2015, however, February 9, 2016 is the deadline for revisions to earlier submissions as well as new “late breaking” submissions.  Please contact a committee representative for more information. Each student submission must have a faculty supervisor who will verify the progress of the student and their participation in the conference at the start of the spring semester. Students will be able to present their projects in a manner consistent with their discipline and suited for their form of scholarship.

For more information, please contact Lance Barton, Conference Coordinator.

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Student Scholarship Conference 2015


Lance Barton, Conference Coordinator

Humanities Representatives

  • Carol Daeley
  • Kirk Everist

Fine Arts Representatives

  • Ricky Duhaime
  • Mark Monroe

Sciences Representatives

  • Aaron Block
  • John Richardson

Social Sciences Representatives

  • Nate Bigelow
  • Renee Countryman