Pre-Professional Programs

Austin College offers excellent pre-professional preparation for law, medicine, dentistry, the ministry, engineering, and other professional schools as well as graduate schools. Students, in consultation with the faculty mentor, select an appropriate major in keeping with professional school requirements. In addition, special pre-professional advisers have been designated for each area of interest.

Health Sciences

Austin College has a long history of excellence in preparing students for entry into a variety of health science programs throughout the United States. Our program focuses on providing students with a solid background in the sciences within the context of a broad liberal arts education.


Austin College offers students the opportunity to pursue a career in engineering by studying at Austin College for either three (3/2) or four years (4/2) and then studying at an engineering school for an additional two or three years. At the end of this time the student receives a Bachelor of Arts degree from Austin College and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the engineering school.


Austin College is well-qualified to aid pre-law students in preparing for their future occupation. The College believes that a thorough liberal arts education is the best foundation for students to attain both their personal and professional goals, and law schools have responded favorably to this concept.


Throughout its history, Austin College has played a vital role in the education of students preparing for a profession in theology. Such students need to obtain a sound, diversified liberal arts education.