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Ryan Stone '13 - Major: Business Administration and Biology. Accepted to Texas A&M College of Medicine

Parade Magazine’s "College A-List" included Austin College as a top pre-medical program. "You don’t need to attend a fabled Ivy to get a big-league education."


Austin College graduates experience an 80 percent acceptance rate into medical schools and other health science programs (two-year average).

Austin College has a long history of excellence in preparing students for entry into a variety of health science programs throughout the United States. Our program focuses on providing students with a solid background in the sciences within the context of a broad liberal arts education.


We also strongly encourage our students to take advantage of hospital/clinical internships which are offered primarily as a part of our January Term program. These internships give students the  the opportunity to apply their education in a health care setting. Combining classroom knowledge with direct experience is the strength of our program and is an important part of preparing a student for a career in the health sciences.


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Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Allied Health

The mission of the health sciences program is to assist in educating students about different career opportunities in health care and assist them in the  application/interview process to professional schools. The program focuses on providing students with a solid background in the sciences while placing this background in the context of a broad liberal arts education. Students also are strongly encouraged to gain field experiences through internships or volunteer work. Students may select a major in any discipline, however, they also must complete certain courses that are required for entry into the specific professional school. The director of Health Sciences can provide information about prerequisites for specific programs. Students are encouraged to seek a major that is of genuine interest to them. The overall strength of the program lies in the development of the whole person: a student’s intellect, experiences, and social values.


Medical Experience in Mexico

Medical Experience in Mexico

Austin College has established several January Term programs to enrich the health sciences area. In one program, four pre-medical students who have good conversational skills in Spanish spend the January Term working and observing in a medical clinic in Piste, Yucatan, Mexico. Students also may complete a Career Study Off-Campus program (CSOC) during either the January Term or summer. Special CSOCs in January include community-based health education internships at Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, Texas, and the UT Health Center at Tyler, Texas.


The Wright Health Sciences Program provides some financial support for summer internships for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the allied health sciences.


Austin College and Texas Tech School of Medicine (TTSOM) have established an early decision/acceptance program. Outstanding Texas residents who choose to attend Austin College and TTSOM may be interested in this special program. Students who enter Austin College with an SAT of 1360 (critical reading + math) or ACT of 29 and who then maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.7 and a science grade point average of 3.6 during their time at Austin College are eligible for consideration. The student will then be interviewed at the medical school in the fall of the junior year. If accepted into TTSOM, the student will not need to take the MCAT, but must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.7 and science grade point average of 3.6 through the senior year in addition to completing the Bachelor of Arts degree from Austin College. All courses must be completed at Austin College. The student will enter TTSOM in the fall, following graduation from Austin College.


Although most Austin College students matriculate into medical or dental school following completion of the Bachelor of Arts degree (normal program or Texas Tech program), it is possible to be accepted into medical or dental school after three years of college work. If an Austin College student is accepted into a professional program after three years, the Bachelor of Arts degree from Austin College may be awarded after successful completion of the first year of professional school, provided that a minimum of 25 courses has been completed and all college requirements for graduation are met excluding approved courses for a major or minor, science courses, or elective credit courses. Details concerning this opportunity can be obtained from the director of health sciences or the registrar.


Health Sciences and a Liberal Arts Education

Professional schools have established a set of prerequisite courses that must be completed before entering their institutions. However, the numbers of these courses have typically been kept to a minimum in an effort to encourage students to develop breadth as undergraduates and become well-rounded individuals. Austin College has a rich tradition in the liberal arts, and thus we are especially well-suited to provide our students with this type of education. Students are encouraged to pursue a major of their choice and take a broad spectrum of coursework while completing specific requirements for the particular professional school. Students are also encouraged to take courses that complement professional school requirements such as bioethics, international public health policy, women's health and the medical system, and aging in society. These courses complement those in the sciences and better prepare students for future careers in health care. Also, since we are a liberal arts college of 1,300 students, most Austin College classes are small and there is a great deal of interaction among faculty and students. Through our small class sizes and program content, we foster not only intellectual growth, but social interaction and personal growth as well. Our graduates are broadly educated, well-rounded individuals who are prepared to meet the challenges of professional programs in the health sciences.


Early Decision/Acceptance to Texas Tech School of Medicine

This special program is designed for outstanding Texas residents who choose to attend Austin College and Texas Tech School of Medicine. Incoming students with an SAT (CR+M) of 1360 or ACT of 29 who maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.7 and a science GPA of 3.6 at Austin College are eligible to be interviewed for the program in the fall of their junior year. All medical school pre-requisites must be taken at Austin College. If a student is accepted into Texas Tech School of Medicine, he/she will not need to take the MCAT, but must complete the B.A. degree at Austin College before entering medical school.

Health Sciences Advisor and Committee

Dr. Kelly Reed has offices in the IDEA Center and in the Wright Campus Center and, with members of the Health Sciences Committee, assists students who have a career interest in health care. A general meeting for all freshman and transfer students interested in the health sciences is held early in the fall semester so that students with similar interests can meet one another and also receive important information regarding professional schools prerequisites, standardized tests, college coursework, etc. Students are encouraged to talk individually with Dr. Reed and with committee members as questions arise relating to careers in health care. In the spring of their junior year, students will attend interview and application workshops and receive information about professional school interviews and the application process. Students will also have a practice interview, which will be helpful in future situations. Professional school evaluations are completed by Dr. Reed, with input from the committee and from individual faculty selected by the student. Each evaluation is highly individualized and is based on input from a broad spectrum of persons.


Kelly ReedKelly Reed, Ph.D.
Interim Pre-Health Director

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Chris Goldsmith
Assistant Director of Pre-Health

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