Graduate/Professional School

63% of graduates enter graduate or professional school
within five years of graduation.

An Austin College undergraduate education fully prepares students to pursue graduate/professional school education immediately upon completion of their degrees.


This page provides helpful tools to help you as you maneuver the graduate/professional school application process!


Please contact Career Services for any assistance in exploring the graduate/professional school process. In addition to helping you assess your interests, personality and values, explore majors and occupational areas, and find internships and jobs, Career Services can help you explore and apply to graduate and professional schools. Faculty in your desired area of study are also excellent resources.


Career Services Resource Library contains Peterson’s six-volume set of Graduate and Professional Programs. This six-volume set is the only annually updated reference work of its kind, providing wide-ranging information on the graduate and professional programs offered by accredited colleges and universities in the U.S., U.S. territories, and Canada and by those institutions outside the U.S. that are accredited by the U.S. accrediting bodies. More than 44,000 individual academic and professional programs at more than 2,300 institutions are listed.


Graduate/Professional School Day


Graduate and Professional School Day is held each fall. Schools from a wide variety of graduate studies and professional programs attend each year.  In addition, a health professions fair is held each spring. Late in the summer, additional information and school registration can be found on Career Service’s events webpage or email

The GRE® General Test is your gateway to graduate programs and an essential early step along your career path. Graduate and business schools use GRE test scores to evaluate your readiness for graduate level work. The GRE General Test has been the gold-standard assessment for graduate study for more than 60 years. The test is accepted by more than 3,200 graduate schools in countries around the world.  >>>More on GRE® Test

Search The #1 graduate school directory on the planet. Search from more than 70,000 graduate programs, get recruited by programs and read timely articles about applying, enrolling and succeeding in graduate school.


Ben Pickens '16
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Ben Pickens '16

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Applying to Grad School

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Timetable: You should begin in the summer before your senior year of college or at least a year before you plan to start graduate school. Many students who have had graduate school in mind for most of their undergraduate careers start much earlier. This timetable is approximate, but it offers an idea of the steps you must think about and, roughly, when you must complete each step.  >>>More on Grad School Timetable


Application Process: You need to do your research carefully to choose the school that will best suit your needs and talents. The most important factor should be how well the graduate program of an institution fits your particular interests, academic background, and goals. >>>More on Grad School Application Process


Financing Graduate School: There are multiple sources of funding for graduate students. In order to prevent using your own money for school, consider the various options and apply for various government and private aid.  >>>More on Financing Graduate School