Career Study Off-Campus (CSOC)

Margie Norman, Director
Austin College, WCC 263


Experiential Learning at Austin College

The mission of Austin College is to educate individuals in the liberal arts and sciences in order to prepare them for productive and meaningful careers in an increasingly complex world.


In support of this mission: The intent of the CSOC program at Austin College is to bridge the gap between knowledge developed through the liberal arts academic curriculum and the application of that knowledge within the actual workplace.


The CSOC program at Austin College is designed to help students:

  • add more meaning to their academic studies by giving them a chance to apply theories learned in classes to “real life” situations;
  • to identify those interdisciplinary skills gained from the classroom that are utilized and applied in a particular workplace;
  • and to develop an understanding of the broad base of liberal arts knowledge and skills which may be applied creatively to a myriad of life experiences.

Lauren Wheeler '16 | Major: Biology; Minor:  Spanish. January Term CSOC with TexomaCare Prediatrics. Following graduation will be attending Oklahoma City University - Kramer School of Nursing.

Lauren Wheeler '16 | Major: Biology; Minor: Spanish. January Term CSOC with TexomaCare Prediatrics. Following graduation will be attending Oklahoma City University - Kramer School of Nursing.

In this program, students assume initiative and responsibility for creating a learning experience that meets the Austin College standards for academic credit while providing a model for future educational inquiry, both in the workplace and in the developing vocational/life interests of the student. Furthermore, students are accountable for the learning goals they define through faculty evaluation, site supervisor evaluation, as well as personal reflection and assessment of the internship experience.


Students earn the opportunity to participate in this valuable program by meeting the following requirements:

Students must:

  • have a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average at Austin College at the time of application and registration;
  • hold sophomore, junior, or senior standing at the time the study is undertaken;
  • successfully complete a mandatory CSOC application session;
  • obtain a Faculty sponsor who will agree to evaluate his/her CSOC; and
  • have a Site Supervisor who agrees to oversee and ensure that the student's goals and objectives are met. The Site Supervisor must also complete an evaluation on the student upon the completion of the CSOC.

**Proposed studies must be of the student’s own design and be carried out on site or sites that provide the student with a substantive view of the particular work performed in that particular profession. A student will work with an on-site coordinator or supervisor (a qualified individual who can assist and/or partially direct the study)


All students are required to meet with a Career Counselor to discuss plans and applications for a CSOC. Please call for arrangements at 903.813.2074.

To apply for a CSOC you must attend one of the following CSOC application workshops, where you will learn the process for applying for CSOC, how to write your Learning Goals, and how to register for CSOC credit. All workshops are held in Career Services, WCC 263.


  • Tuesday | September 27 | 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday | October 5 | 5:00 pm
  • Thursday | October 6 | 4:30 pm
  • Wednesday | October 19| 5:00 pm
  • Thursday | October 20| 4:30 pm
  • Wednesday | November 2 | 5:00 pm
  • Thursday | November 3 | 4:30 pm


Career Study Off-Campus is graded on an S/D/U basis and is considered an elective credit.



Students must register for CSOC 290. Registration is not performed through Webhopper, but with a card obtained through the CSOC Director. Final deadline is 12 noon the Friday before finals.



A student may earn a maximum of three course credit units through Career Study Off-Campus during a 14-week term and a maximum of two course credit units during the summer. During the January term, one such study course can be taken. Of the total number of course credit units required for the Bachelor of Arts degree, not more than six can be Career Study Off-Campus courses.



Email or schedule an appointment by calling 903.813.2074.


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