The mission of the Abell Library is to support the “Mission of Austin College.”

The Abell Library Mission Statement:

The Library helps Austin College students develop the skills needed for finding and evaluating information through collaboration with the classroom faculty on specific courses, by one-on-one consultations with a librarian, and with instructive print brochures and on-line guides;

The Library selects and organizes materials, both those on-site and those on-line, to meet the informational needs and interests of the Austin College community and uses interlibrary loan and document delivery to supplement our collections;

The Library anticipates and responds to emerging technologies, formats, and means of access;

And, the Library provides a variety of learning environments – comfortable places for individual study and reflection, rooms designed for small group collaboration and technology-equipped classrooms to facilitate teaching.

For further information, please read “The Goals of the Abell Library.”

Approved by the Library Advisory Committee on November 28, 2007