Quiet Area

New “Quiet Area” on the Library’s Second Floor

During the summer, Abell Library Center staff arranged the second floor to serve as a “Quiet Area”.  Over several years and several conversations with Student Assembly, we have tried creating places in the library to serve the purpose of providing a commonly accepted space where quiet studying was to be expected.  We tried this on our first floor, but that area never got much use, and yet we heard through Student Assembly, students wanted more space for quiet study.  And, you should expect that when you go to the library to study that there is somewhere where though quiet brief conversation is ok, you know that you won’t be interrupted by loud, annoying cell phone conversations or people yakking.  The library’s second floor awaits you.  For those folks who want to socialize before studying, we have also organized the first floor so that there are more places for groups to meet and for conversations to go on.