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Academic Affairs Office

An Austin College education transforms the intellectual lives of students as it challenges them to deepen their understanding of social, ethical, and global issues as well as their own place in a rich complex of evolving cultural traditions

Academic Affairs includes academic departments structured along disciplinary lines, academic programs which cross disciplinary lines, and academic support programs that serve the entire community. These departments and programs are organized into four broad administrative divisions: Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences, and College-Wide Programs.

Academic Divisions


Art; Music; Communication, Media and Theatre; English; History; Classical and Modern Languages;
Philosophy; and Religious Studies

Dr. Greg Kinzer, Dean of Humanities

Jessica Bauer, Divisional Administrative Assistant


Biology; Chemistry; Mathematics and Computer Science; Public Health; and Physics

Dr. Michael Higgs, Dean of Sciences

Jacque Dunlap, Divisional Administrative Assistant

Social Sciences 

Economics and Business Administration; Education; Exercise and Sport Studies; Political Science; Public Health;

Dr. Lisa Brown, Dean of Social Sciences

Jessica Bauer, Divisional Administrative Assistant

Academic Support Programs

Abell Library

Opened in 1986, the Abell Library Center plays an essential role in the life of Austin College. Five librarians, an archivist, and six support staff guide the effective use of library resources. Services include an active instruction program with a special emphasis for incoming students as well as increased support for honors students engaged in writing a thesis. A reference librarian is available most day and evening hours.

Academic Assessment 

Academic Assessment supports the programs and departments at Austin College in the evaluation of their effectiveness, with a goal of pursuing excellence in teaching and learning. The office also works to ensure that the College meets and exceeds the standards set by our accrediting bodies.

Center for Student Success and Academic Services

The office of Student Success offers resources and services to help you be successful on your journey toward graduation and your life beyond.  We do this by collaborating with faculty and college offices to provide programs and services that support your academic growth and personal development.

Center for Career & Professional Development

The Career Center encourages students to begin their career and life planning process in their first year of college, continuing over the course of their academic careers. Upon graduation, you will emerge with requisite career and life planning skills, prepared to implement your educational experiences in the professional world.

Caruth Administration Building/Graduation Court

Information Technology

Austin College provides many technological resources to students, faculty, and staff to aid in their success. Computer labs across campus are available 24 hours a day. Users are likewise encouraged to connect their own computers via wired or wireless networks. Information Technology Services provides support to resolve any computer problems that might arise.

Institutional Research

Institutional research and assessment provides appropriate support to the reporting and assessment effort of the college and conducts research on issues that impact the goals of the college.

Institutional Review Board

Austin College affirms that human research subjects should be treated with dignity, respect, and due regard for their welfare. To protect human research subjects, the College established the Institutional Review Board. We understand “human subjects” to include all individuals and groups from whom researchers anticipate gathering information or data necessary for the successful completion of the research design.

Registrar's Office

The Registrar’s Office at Austin College serves as the official academic interface for students and the College. Located on the first floor of the Caruth Administration Building, the office is the place to go to conduct any business related to coursework, credit, transcripts, Academic Calendar, and any other matters related to registering and taking classes at Austin College.


Connect with Us

Dr. Beth Gill

Dr. Beth Gill

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean of Faculty
Mrs. Gayle Bowers

Mrs. Gayle Bowers

Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Academic Affairs
Mrs. Johna Boatright

Mrs. Johna Boatright

Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Academic Affairs

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