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Art History


When you look at a work of art, are you curious to learn more about the world in which the artist lived? As an Art History student, you will explore cultures throughout time using the art works they created as a lens.  As you analyze and interpret art works within their historical contexts, you will discover the connections between art and literature, history, philosophy, religion, economics, music, biology, political science, and even physics. Art History builds bridges between the visual arts and the worlds of nature and of human endeavors.  

Finish in Four*

with the skills to launch your career 

Your four-year academic experience 

will strengthen and refine your skills in communication, observation, and critical thinking. With a minor in Art History, upon graduation you will be prepared to: 

  • clearly communicate the significant differences and similarities when comparing art works created in different time periods and/or geographical regions; 
  • demonstrate a familiarity with the art works studied in class lectures and readings and their association with the chronology of significant world events and historical periods, styles, and movements; and 
  •  analyze primary sources and critique the structuring of an argument and the manner of presenting evidence in the scholarly literature in Art History. 

Explore our Graduate Outcomes to learn more about what our graduates are doing today. 

Meet our Faculty

Dr. Jeff Fontana

Dr. Jeff Fontana

Associate Professor of Art History
Brianna Burnett

Brianna Burnett

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art
Jesse Reinhard

Jesse Reinhard

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art
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Popular Courses

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  • Modern Art and Architecture 
  • A History of Beauty in the Visual Arts 
  • Western Art: Ancient to Medieval 
  • Western Art: Renaissance to Modern 

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