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Temple Learning Center

Master of Arts in Teaching

A five-year graduate program with a 4.5 year* option 

Join the highly respected Austin Teacher Program, and become part of the next generation of teacher leaders.  This five-year master of arts program, with a four and half year* option, allows you to receive your bachelor’s degree in any of the liberal arts majors or minors offered by Austin College and continue your studies with graduate education courses, resulting in both a master’s degree and a teaching certification. Our program gives you hands-on experience in local classrooms as early as your freshman year and continues through your final semester.   

* To complete the B.A. + M.A. + Teaching Certificate in 4.5 years, you may petition to have up to three graduate-level courses taken at the undergraduate level and count toward both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Austin College. 

Temple Learning Center

Engage students through Thinking Camps!

The Austin Teacher Program works with Sherman ISD to provide “Thinking Camps,” a summer camp experience for area elementary students. As a part of a two-week summer integrated social studies and science program, ATP students . . . 

Read More about Thinking Camp

Certification Opportunities

The Austin Teacher Program (ATP) is fully accredited through the Texas State Board for Educator Certification, a division of the Texas Education Agency.

Upon completion of all certification requirements, a Texas teaching certificate is obtainable in one of these categories:  
  1. Core Subjects with Science of Teaching Reading (EC-6)  
  2. Grades 4 through 8 (Social Studies, English Language Arts and Reading with the Science of Teaching Reading, Mathematics, Science, or English Language Arts and Reading/Social Studies with the Science of Teaching Reading)  
  3. Grades 6 through 12 (Physical Science) 
  4. Grades 7 through 12 (English Language Arts and Reading, History, Life Science, Mathematics, and Math/Physics)  
  5. An all-level certificate in Physical Education, Art, Music, Theatre, or Languages Other than English (Spanish)  
  6. English as a Second Language Supplemental: This certification can only be granted in conjunction with an initial certification area 

What will you learn?

Classroom Management

Learn how to effectively work with children in a seven-week teaching placement by building relationships through a Love and Logic framework. 

Putting it all together

The final undergraduate course in the ATP series “Learner, Teacher, & Curriculum”, teaches you how to successfully fuse instructional planning, classroom management, and effective teaching practices into your nine-week teaching placement. 

Reading & Writing across the curriculum

In “Development of Literacy,” you explore that reading and writing is not limited to the English classroom and learn how to implement literacy into each academic discipline.

Intentional Leadership Development

You will participate in the new LEAP (Leadership Education through Application and Pedagogy) program that integrates leadership opportunities to develop skills such as communication, how to effectively work in professional learning communities, problem-solving, and addressing diversity.