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students working together at table on physics experiment
Engineering Physics


Are you interested in using mathematical and scientific skills to solve complex problems? Engineering Physics at Austin College offers you a broad education with foundations in engineering and applied physics. With our distinctive emphasis on communication, collaboration, and critical thinking that goes beyond technical skills, the Engineering Program at Austin College offers specific advantages over a traditional engineering program. You will learn in an engaging, interactive environment with small classes, conduct authentic research with professors in leading science and engineering fields, and develop a diverse set of skills to address 21st century challenges.

Student Research

Spectral Classification of Hot Stars in an Around the Constellation Orion

Spectral Classification of Hot Stars in an Around the Constellation Orion

Seth Kerstetter '23, Lindy Luker '23, Gisselle Melendez Valles '23, Cosme Catalan Perez '24, Brady Dygert '25, Mark Leonard '25, Osvaldo Salas '25, and Cailey Varnell '25

Building a Robot for the VEX Over Under Competition

Building a Robot for the VEX Over Under Competition

Michael Bose '23, Neil Cutting '24, Divya Prakash '25, Osvaldo Salas '25, Seth Kerstetter '24, Trey Adams '25, Iona Bates '25, Jed McPike '25, and Brant Stuber '25

Determining Air Slit With Using Single Slit Diffraction

Determining Air Slit With Using Single Slit Diffraction

Eleanna Martinez '24, Deedee Jansen '25), JonAustin Blaine '26, Demi Held '26, Madison Manning '26, Larry Mejia '26, Maxwell Mundorff '26, and Tony Penson '26

Finish in Four*

with the skills to launch your career 

Be prepared to enter the world of Engineering

knowing you have strengthened and refined your skills in communication, critical thinking, and collaboration over the past four years. With a degree in engineering physics, at graduation you will be prepared to:

  • Clearly communicate the engineering principles in oral, written and electronic formats to engineers and the public.
  • demonstrate problem solving, critical thinking and analytical reasoning as applied to engineering problems.
  • design and carry out engineering designs to meet the specifications of the project.

Explore our Graduate Outcomes to learn more about what our graduates are doing today. 

Adams Observatory

All thoughtful and scientifically trained people are called to lead at some point in their lives. The STAR Leadership program works to ensure that graduates are not only well prepared to work in STEM fields but are also empowered to lead in their careers and communities.

Read More about STAR Leadership
Adams Observatory

Astronomy in the 21st Century

At Austin College’s Adams Observatory, you will gain “out-of-this-world” research experience using cutting-edge astronomical equipment.  You will make new discoveries and learn techniques used at professional observatories around the globe.

Read More about Adams Observatory

Meet our Faculty

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Popular Courses

  • Vibration, Waves, and Optics
  • Statics and Engineering Design
  • Classical Mechanics 
  • Advanced Instrumentation and Robotics
  • Quantum Mechanics 
  • Electromagnetism