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Major & Minor

Do you love reading but perhaps wonder how your reading and writing skills can change the world? As an English major, you will learn to think critically, examine situations from diverse perspectives, communicate effectively, and expand your viewpoint by exploring the identities and experiences of people from a wide range of cultural, historical, and ethnic backgrounds. You will tap into your creativity to solve problems, whether that’s by working with community organizations, tutoring in the Writing Center, presenting research at our student scholarship conference, and building real world career-ready skills. 

Gender is a Performance

Gender is a Performance

Grace Downing
Campus Poster

The Value of Chickasaw Translation

The Value of Chickasaw Translation

Carrie Johnson

Capstone Research Translation Project

Medieval to Modern Fairies

Medieval to Modern Fairies

Ireland Owens

Honors Thesis


“Build That Wall"? The Price of a Part-Time Citizenship

“Build That Wall"? The Price of a Part-Time Citizenship

Larry Ramirez-Quintana

Honors Thesis: Poetry and Prose Collection


Finish in Four*

with the skills to launch your career 

Studying English

is about what reading and writing can do in the world, leading to a versatile array of careers for our majors from law, project management, and human resources to nonprofits, grant writing, and event planning, as well as traditional English careers like teaching, publishing, and librarianships. Your four-year academic experience will strengthen and refine your ability to communicate effectively, think critically and creatively, and collaborate with others—skills that are highly valued in any field you may pursue. With a degree in English, you will be prepared to:   

  • effectively express ideas in writing for a variety of contexts and audiences;   
  • explore issues and ideas from a variety of perspectives with empathy and intellectual curiosity;  
  • utilize purposeful interpretive strategies to evaluate how the features of a text contribute to its meaning;  
  • find appropriate and credible sources in an increasingly complex information landscape; and
  • identify and address the historical and cultural contexts connected to the texts they're writing about.

Explore our Graduate Outcomes to learn more about what our graduates are doing today. 

Student during Study Abroad trip

Our Professionalism and the Humanities (PATH) program helps you build career-ready skills, explore the real-world career paths of successful recent alumni, and incorporate project-based learning into your courses that allow you to work with community organizations, develop exhibitions, and learn about the publishing process. 

Read More about PATH (opens in new window/tab)
students working in the writing center

Suspension is Austin College’s entirely student-led literary magazine. Published once a year in print, Suspension highlights poetry, prose, and art created by Austin College students. Editorial staff are involved in every step of the publication process, from advertising open submissions, judging contest entries, selecting works for publication, and creating the final magazine layout. 

Read More about Suspension
students working in the writing center

Featuring academic research submitted by Austin College students from all areas of study, Acumen is a student-led, peer-reviewed journal that promotes academic scholarship and the exchange of ideas within and outside of the Austin College community. Student editors and review board members gain skills in critical reading, evaluation and feedback, and layout and design.  

Read More about Acumen

Meet our Faculty

Dr. Greg Kinzer

Dr. Greg Kinzer

Professor of English, Dean of Humanities
Dr. Lisha Storey

Dr. Lisha Storey

Assistant Professor of Writing, Director of Scarbrough Writing Center
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Popular Courses

  • Literature, Sex, and Gender 
  • Global Science Fiction 
  • Race and Resistance 
  • Literary Theory and Criticism 
  • Shakespeare and Social Justice 
  • Literary Translation