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Do you find yourself drawn to discussions and debates about the moral and ethical choices of individuals or organizations?  Is morality a matter of opinion?  If not, what makes something morally acceptable?  required?  wrong?  And why should you be moral, anyway?  Explore answers to these and related questions by examining ethical theories. The study of philosophy with a focus on ethics give you an understanding of the issues at the center of these questions, and will equip you with high-level reasoning skills that employers in every field are seeking.  


Finish in Four*

with the skills to launch your career 

Not only will you learn

to think deeply and examine all sides of an argument, your four-year academic experience will strengthen and refine your skills in communication, critical thinking, and collaboration. With a degree in ethics, at graduation you will be prepared to:

  • clearly communicate the analysis of ethical theory in oral, written and electronic formats to the public at large;
  • demonstrate critical thinking as applied to ethical problems; and
  • develop collaboration skills with peers as you examine ethical theory in simulated course situations.

Explore our Graduate Outcomes to learn more about what our graduates are doing today. 

Meet our Faculty

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Popular Courses

  • Ethics and the Environment
  • Ethics and Medicine
  • Law and Morality
  • Ethical Theory
  • Social and Political Philosophy