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Pre-Professional Track

"Tech company CEOs across the country agree that liberal arts training—with its emphasis on creativity and critical thinking—is vital to the success of their business." 
— Fast Company’s The Future of Work 

Your Top Four Questions about Going to Law School Answered


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Why study "Pre-Law" at Austin College? 

Each year many Austin College graduates are admitted to several of the nation's best law schools. The College believes that a thorough liberal arts education is the best foundation for students to attain both their personal and professional goals, and law schools have responded favorably to this concept.  

  • Your preparation for law school at Austin College will include: 
  • Learning in an engaging, interactive environment with small class sizes and access to professors, 
  • Conducting authentic research with professors in leading political science, psychology, sociology, and more.  
  • Developing a diverse set of skills, including oral and written communication, to address 21st century challenges. 

What Should My "Pre-Law" Major Be? 

This is up to you... and you have over 55 areas to select from at Austin College.  We have alums who received degrees in everything from Accounting to Theatre who have been accepted to law school. Being a great lawyer is about having broad knowledge and the Austin College coursework provides a strong foundation in the social sciences, humanities and the sciences that sets you up for your next step


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What Courses are Required for Medical School? 

There is no list of required courses to be accepted into law school.  Working with our Pre-Law Advisor, you will craft your four-year plan to cover a wide variety of courses that may include: 

  • American history and government 
  • Political Science 
  • Statistics or data science 
  • Communication 

When Should I Schedule Advising? 

If you are interested in attending law school, you should meet with the Pre-Law Advisor at the following times: 

  • First Year: Make an appointment with the Pre-Law advisor to discuss your four-year plan. 
  • Course Registration Every Semester: We want to make sure that you are on track. 
  • Whenever you need: We’re here to help. 


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Program Highlights  

Pre-Law Society

The Austin College Pre-Law Society seeks to further students’ understanding of the law and the legal profession. To fulfill these objectives, speakers—law professors, judges, lawyers, law students and politicians—are brought to the campus throughout the year to present programs for the Pre-Law Society. 

Mock Trial

The Mock Trial program helps law students succeed in law school and in their careers by teaching the fundamentals of the rules of evidence, civil and criminal procedure, and litigation strategy and techniques. It helps all students involved, no matter what their career aspirations may be, by teaching rigorous analysis and public speaking. 

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Have More Questions?

Dr. Frank Rohmer

Dr. Frank Rohmer

Associate Professor of Political Science