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Major & Minor

¿Por qué estudiar español? In our global world, knowing a second language gives you an advantage in your career outlook, but also personally expands your knowledge of other cultures to be the bridge that unites humanity. As a Spanish student, you will build your proficiency in the Spanish language and study in-depth Spanish and Spanish-American literatures and cultures that can be leveraged in your future endeavors. 

Program Highlights

Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to acquire firsthand experiences by studying abroad. Almost all of our majors spend at least a semester abroad, in Spain, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Chile, or Argentina.  

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Finish in Four*

with the skills to launch your career 

Being bilingual

is a superpower in the global world we live in. Your four-year academic experience will strengthen and refine your skills in Spanish and enable you to communicate, think critically, and collaborate. Upon graduation, you will be prepared to: 

  • clearly communicate orally in Spanish for presentations and casual conversations; 
  • demonstrate knowledge of cultural concepts of Spanish-speaking countries; and
  • have working knowledge of Spanish grammar and syntax to create effective written communication. 

Explore our Graduate Outcomes to learn more about what our graduates are doing today. 

Meet our Faculty

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Popular Courses

  • Spanish Short Stories 
  • Spanish Literature and Film 
  • Contemporary Spanish Poetry 
  • Female Leaders in Latin American History and Culture 
  • Black and Indigenous Latin American Literature and Film 
  • Latin American Women Writers: Recent Short Fiction 
  • Andean Science Fiction