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STAR Leadership Program

All thoughtful and scientifically trained people are called to lead at some point in their lives. 

What makes learning science different at Austin College? The innovative STAR Leadership Program combines common-sense leadership studies with STEM education to produce future leaders of the scientific community. Learn how to communicate research findings, lead a team of research scientists, or enact real change.

Student in Chemistry Lab

What will you learn? 

A Program with Impact  

“The Austin College STEM programs rely heavily on laboratory work, and it is where your skills become fully developed. With the emphasis on group work within laboratories, you are able to develop a sense of trust and rapport with other classmates. This not only reinforces your ability to communicate with others, but also allows you to feel what true teamwork is. Especially in chemistry courses, your ability to succeed is not based on your ability to collect data, but rather if you can interpret it through critical thinking and discovering ways you are able to improve in the future. Through not relying on pure data, a sense of ethics is reinforced, as mistakes always happen, and we can learn on those mistakes to be better scientists in the future.” Aaron WelchMajor: Chemistry; Minor: Biology

“Through my coursework, I have learned to articulate my ideas clearly and concisely through various activities such as class presentations, group discussions, and written assignments. Additionally, I have honed my active listening skills to understand and respond thoughtfully to the perspectives of others. 

The one skill I encourage all incoming prospective students to actively work on would be communication. Effective communication is essential in any field or profession. At AC, I've learned just how crucial it is to adapt my communication style to connect best with different audiences. It's all about getting your message across effectively, and that's a skill that's been invaluable to me in reaching my goals.  ” Leah DingMajor: Biology & History; Minor: Public Health

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