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Do you love using your creativity to put on shows, build lasting memories for yourselves and others, and gain tools that will help you thrive in any field? You can explore your talents, both on and off stage, as an actor, designer, director, writer, stage manager, and more - no experience needed! Of course, theatre isn't just about putting on shows (although we do that really well!).  You will learn about the past, present, and future of theatres, studying legendary playwrights and innovative techniques, and also explore the role theatre plays as a medium for cultural expression and a mechanism for social change. Whether you're planning a career in theatre or just want an unforgettable college experience, Austin College Theatre is a creative playground where you can unlock your imagination and create experiences that move the entire community.  

Austin College Theatre Behind the Scenes: The Misanthrope

Behind the Scenes

Finish in Four*

with the skills to launch your career 

Transfer your talents 

on stage to your career.  Your four-year academic and artistic journey will develop powerful skills to help you thrive in any career, from communication and collaboration to critical thinking and problem-solving. With a degree in theatre, upon graduation, you will be prepared to: 

  • communicate confidently and clearly in a wide range of situations by learning to articulate complex observations and ideas about theatre and its impact and role in society; 
  • organize and facilitate groups that share a common goal by collaborating with others to design, develop, and execute innovative interpretations of theatre in its many forms; and  
  • connect coherently with the world by understanding the role theatre plays as a medium for cultural expression and a mechanism for social change. 

Explore our Graduate Outcomes to learn more about what our graduates are doing today. 

Program Highlights

Ida Green, as it is commonly
known, was recently renovated
and reopened in fall 2021. The first
floor was renovated to create the 
Sally and Jim Nation Learning
Commons, a popular study hub on
campus, and the Sally and Jim
Nation Theatre, a 500-seat theatre. 
This multi-purpose area hosts a 
variety of campus activities, including
classes, guest lectures, and group

Read More about Ida Green Communications Center

Awarded to students with talents in theatre who intend to commit to participating in theatre activities during their time at Austin College.  You do not need to become a major to qualify, and accepting a theatre scholarship does not require you to major

Read More about Theatre Scholarship

In addition to the theatre spaces, the department also has a scene shop to build and paint sets, a costume shop to construct and repair costumes, and two room-sized closets for storing costumes and props, as well as a fully functioning green room, dressing rooms, and a sound- and light-enabled TV studio. 

Read More about Shops & Props

Meet our Faculty

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Popular Courses

  • Acting 
  • Approaching Design 
  • Development of Dramatic Art 1 & 2 
  • Shapers of the Modern Theatre 
  • Directing