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Scholarships for New Students

Austin College recognizes your academic accomplishments, leadership, service and talents with an array of scholarship awards.  These awards are purely merit-based and not connected to financial need.

General academic scholarships are awarded following a holistic review of the information in a student’s application, including a recalculated academic high school GPA* with consideration for rigor of courses taken. No additional scholarship application is required for consideration for a general academic scholarship.

The chart below is intended to provide students with the typical general academic scholarship levels associated with GPA ranges.  These academic scholarships are renewable for up to four years, as long as students remain enrolled full-time in good standing. You will be notified of any general academic scholarship award at the same time as your admission decision, which can be found by visiting the Student Hub. These scholarship guidelines refer to first-year students entering in fall 2024

Recalculated HS GPS*
Annual Award Amount
3.95+ $32,000
3.80 - 3.94 $31,000
3.65 - 3.79 $30,000
3.47 - 3.64 $28,000
3.26 - 3.46 $27,000
Under 3.25 reviewed holistically


*Austin College uses a recalculated, weighted academic GPA (not the GPA posted on a student’s transcript). The recalculated GPA includes courses in English, Math, Social Sciences, Science, Languages, and Fine Arts. Weight is added for coursework taken through AP, IB, or Dual Credit programs. 

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Additional Institutional Scholarships for New Students

Applicants for institutional scholarships such as those for fine arts, STEM, leadership, and the Westminster scholarship for Presbyterian students, must submit their application materials by February 1, the Early Action II deadline. Unlike general academic scholarships, these awards do require a specific application, and in some cases the submission of supplementary materials such as a portfolio.  All application materials for these scholarships must be submitted by February 1. Notifications for institutional scholarships will be mailed by mid-March.


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Scholarship Policy