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Applied Learning & Research

Applied Learning and Research is Hands-on Learning in the Real World for All Austin College Students.

 “Our Applied Learning Program is a true gem of Austin College: it is the font of myriad funding, research, and experiential opportunities available to our students during their college careers. Beyond its practical merits, though, our Applied Learning program also fulfills dreams and makes personal transformation possible. For me, that's the best part”

- Cate Bowman,
Director of Applied Learning & Assistant Professor of Sociology 

Your education is not bound by the walls of a classroom or even an academic building. Your time at Austin College includes built-in opportunities for you to gain insight into the world of work. Every student at Austin College will complete an applied learning experience prior to graduation, building a portfolio of expertise to carry with you into your career.

At Austin College, your applied learning experience will:

  • Add meaning to your academic studies by applying theories learned in classes to "real life" situations.
  • Strengthen interdisciplinary skills gained in the classroom that can be applied in the workplace.
  • Develop your understanding of connections between ideas, people, and places through community and cross-cultural experiences.

Classroom to Career 

With the Professionalism And The Humanities (PATH) and the STEM Teaching And Research (STAR) Leadership programs, your humanities and sciences classes at Austin College directly support your career development, preparing you to become a leader in any field that you choose. 

PATH Program                 STAR Program

Faculty Teaching

Internships and Practicums 

Gain experience in the workplace while you apply your learning from the classroom. 

Multicultural Celebration

Cross-Cultural Experiences

Explore cultural immersion and develop intercultural competence as you travel internationally. 

Group participating in Great Day of Service

Community-Based Learning 

Collaborate with stakeholders to apply your learning and make a difference in your community. 

Opportunities Fair

Integrative Learning Projects

Engage in projects which transcend traditional classroom practice. 

Student Research 

What will you CREATE at Austin College? 

Through the Center for Research, Experiential, Artistic & Transformative Education (CREATE) you can conduct original research that is guided by a faculty mentor. CREATE is the home for student research at Austin College. Whether synthesizing new chemical compounds or creating new works of fiction, there are research opportunities for students in every discipline to go beyond what you learn in the classroom and create something new.

There are different ways for you to get involved:

  • Through research courses or faculty-sponsored independent research projects,

  • With a group or as an individual,

  • By working with faculty on their research projects through summer research labs.

CREATE also provides opportunities throughout the year for you to present and show your work at academic conferences off campus and through the Austin College Scholars Conference (ACSC), which is dedicated to showcasing undergraduate research.

Explore Research Opportunities