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Diversity and Inclusion

What does Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Look Like at Austin College? 

The identity of Austin College centers on a transformative learning experience for ALL students.  This community is made up of diverse students, faculty and staff who are aware and respectful of our differences, and who intentionally pursue a culture of inclusive excellence. As such, we at Austin College commit to the cultivation of minds, the pursuit of social justice, and respect for common humanity.  

“An equitable education is the foundation for an equitable future. An inclusive and accessible education embraces our differences, empowers and supports unique individuals in ways that open the door for honest, productive, and innovative learning.”Dr. Felix Harcourt, Assistant Professor of History

Cultivating a Community of Inclusion

Diversity is a reality at Austin College, because we are a community of diverse individuals.  Our student body is approximately 50% non-white, and we are a designated Fulbright Hispanic-Serving Institution Leader.  The people who make up 'RooNation also vary in respect to religious background, gender and sexual identity, socio-economic status, and so on.  Our philosophy is to cultivate a community of inclusion, where all people feel like they belong and are celebrated.  

“Austin College recognizes that each and every member of our community is gifted, distinct, unique, sufficient, and complete. We strive to cherish and celebrate the diversity of 'RooNation by honoring the full humanity of each student, faculty member, staff member, and alumnus.”Dr. John Williams '84, Chaplain & Director of Church Relations

Austin College was founded as a college for Presbyterian clergy, and is still affiliated by covenant to all people, and students of any, all, and no faiths are equally welcome.


President's Committee on Inclusion and Diversity at Work


Knowing that people vary, we want every member of our community to feel valued in a way that nurtures, rather than erases, differences. To put those words into action, the President’s Committee on Inclusion and Diversity works to develop recommendations for meaningful change. Under the leadership of Carllos Lassiter, Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer/Vice President for Student Affairs, the committee includes students, faculty, and staff. 

“The identity of Austin College centers on a transformative learning experience for students that is augmented by a culture of inclusive excellence shaped by diverse scholars, learners, and staff.”Dr. Carllos Lassiter, VP of Student Affairs & Chief Inclusion Diversity Officer

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