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Fellowships & Scholarships

Celebrating Your Achievements 

Austin College is known for attracting high-achieving high school students, who (of course) go on to be high-achieving college students.  Our students frequently win prestigious national fellowships, scholarships, and join national honor societies like Phi Beta Kappa. Austin College is the largest producer of Fulbright recipients per capita in the state of Texas!   

Our top students earn academic scholarships and fellowships for excellence in departments within the college, and select students are offered the opportunity to complete a Departmental Honors thesis each year.  We celebrate these academic accomplishments of our students each year at Honors Convocation. 

National Fellowship & Scholarship OpportunitiesĀ 

You are seeking a college who will foster and support your goals of showcasing your academic talents on the largest stage. Austin College has an astonishing rate of success for an institution our size, or any size. In the last five years we have produced: 

  • More Fulbright recipients per-capita than any institution in Texas. 
  • Four Boren Scholarship Winners
  • A Barry M. Goldwater Scholar
  • A Udall Fellow
  • An NSF Graduate Research Fellow 
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Meet our Finalists & Recipients

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Austin College announces that Anika Katherine Chand ’23 and Sydney Hope Versen ’23 have been named Goldwater Scholars and received prestigious, competitive scholarships to pursue research careers in the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering. The Goldwater Scholarship is the preeminent national award, based on academic merit, presented to sophomores and juniors planning to pursue research careers.

Read More about College Announces Two Goldwater Scholars

Austin College offers a distinctive, individualized advising and mentoring program for students interested in prestigious scholarships and fellowships. 


Our faculty and staff serve as part of the national review boards for various prestigious scholarships and fellowships.  Many more are alumni of the same programs.  We bring in-depth knowledge to these competitions. 


Students are connected with appropriate opportunities throughout their AC careers.  We help students find all relevant programs. 


Faculty and staff supervise applications through development to final editing to ensure that what’s submitted is as competitive as possible.

Honor Societies

Honor Societies are created to recognize outstanding academic achievements of students upon fulfillment of requirements and criteria set by the individual organization. Below is a list of honor societies with chapters at Austin College.  

Alpha Chi (AC) is a national honorary society devoted to the promotion and recognition of scholarship effective among the undergraduate students in the academic division of the colleges and universities in the United States.  Each year the faculty elects to the Alpha Chi membership the appropriate number of qualified candidates. Candidates for Alpha Chi are elected from the top ten percent of the senior class and the top five percent of the junior class. 

Alpha Psi Omega (AYW) is a national honorary society for those doing standard work in dramatics. 

Beta Beta Beta (BBB) is a national honorary society for students in the biological sciences. Its purpose is three fold: stimulation of sound scholarship, dissemination of scientific knowledge and promotion of biological research. 

Delta Phi Alpha (DFA) is a national honorary society recognizing students who excel in the study of the German language. 

Eta Sigma Phi (ESF) is a national honorary fraternity for junior and senior students of Latin and/or Greek. To become a member in the Austin College chapter, Gamma Upsilon, a student must have completed at least four semesters of Latin and/or Greek with a “B” average of better. 

Math Club is an organization that seeks to build up academic development and interest in the field of mathematics and welcomes anyone with an interest in math to join! 

Phi Alpha Theta is a national honor society for students interested or majoring in History. 

Phi Beta Kappa (PBK) is a national honor society for students exhibiting excellence in the liberal arts and sciences. 

Phi Sigma Iota (FSI)is the national foreign language honor society. This society recognizes outstanding ability and high standards in the fields of foreign languages, literatures, and cultures. Members must be junior and senior undergraduate students of foreign languages who have at least a “B” average in their entire college work and all foreign language courses. 

Pi Delta Phi (PDF) is a national honor society in French for advanced students of the French language and literature. To be eligible for membership a student must have the equivalent of a “B” average for all courses taken and must have gone into advanced French courses. Thus recognition is given to excellent scholarship in general and to scholarship in the French language and literature in particular. 

Pi Gamma Mu (PGM) is an international honor society in the social sciences for superior junior and senior students who have completed at least six courses in history, politicgoal science, sociology, anthropology, and/or economics, and have shown campus leadership.

Pi Sigma Alpha (PSA) is a national honor society for political science students. Students in international studies are also eligible for membership. 

Psi Chi (YC) is the national honor society for psychology students. Membership is restricted to those students who have at least a 3.0 in all psychology courses. Additionally, eligibility is limited to those students who have completed Experimental Psychology and at least two other psychology courses. 

Sigma Delta Pi (SDP) is a national honor society for advanced students of the Spanish language and culture. Its purpose is to foster appreciation and knowledge of the cultural manifestations of Spanish speaking people. Junior and senior students whose GPA is “B” or above and who have had at least one course in Spanish literature are eligible for membership. 

Sigma Pi Sigma (SPS) is the national honor society for outstanding students in physics. Membership is restricted to students who have demonstrated superior achievement in advanced courses. 

Sigma Tau Delta is an International English Honor Society. Dedicated to making literature more accessible to the masses and pushing the boundaries of the literary canon.