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Pre-Professional Tracks

Austin College has built the runway where your professional ambitions can take flight. We will let you in on the best kept secret . . . though it might not be what people think of when they hear liberal arts and sciences college, Austin College graduates some of the finest professional physicians, lawyers, dentists and engineers.   

Our graduates experience high acceptance rates into all types of graduate and professional schools because of their high level of preparedness gained through the breadth and depth of our liberal arts curriculum, alongside leadership and applied learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Austin College students can follow one of our nine identified pre-professional tracks with direct faculty mentorship along the way and still not miss out on JanTerm, study abroad, fine arts, sports, and other co-curricular activities that make a well-rounded and competitive grad-school applicant. 


Explore Pre-Professional Tracks


Are you interested in making an impact on the oral health of individuals? Learn more about your pathway to dental school at Austin College.


Are you seeking an engineering program that is engaging, interactive, and centered on conducting authentic research? Learn more about the Engineering Pathways at Austin College.


Are you seeking a profession that is intellectually challenging, allows you to make a difference, or you seek to understand the connectedness of legal issues? Learn more about your pathway to law school at Austin College.


Do you want to use science to help people improve their quality of life? Are you curious about what the next breakthrough in medical science will unlock?  Learn more about your pathway to medical school at Austin College.


You have been called to servant leadership and we are here to shepherd the journey. 


Are you interested in applying your scientific knowledge as you advise patients on how to take medicines and recommend the best medicine for particular conditions? Learn more about your pathway to Doctor of Pharmacy. 

Physical Therapy

Are you interested in assisting individuals through recovery?  Becoming a physical therapist allows you to improve the quality of the lives of patients.  Learn more.

Physician Assistant

Physician Assistants are in high demand across the country.  Austin College offers an interview guarantee to undergraduate students who complete the requirements by their junior year.  Learn more.


Are you interested in becoming a Veterinarian? Learn about your pathway at Austin College.