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Study Abroad & Global Learning

Have you dreamed of living and studying in another country? 

Austin College emphasizes international education for our students and offers a variety of ways for you to explore the world. Our students go overseas for cultural and language immersion. They pursue work in their majors, take electives, and engage in internships in other states and countries. Study abroad can be integrated into your degree program so that you can enjoy a semester or year abroad and still finish in four.  Language immersion and cultural experiences abroad are often touchstone experiences for students, offering them a broader understanding of the world.  

Partner Programs

With 16 Program Partners that host 100+ semesters abroad experiences, your possibilities are virtually limitless.  

Austin College is proud to partner with study abroad providers that specialize in quality international programs around the world. These long-standing organizations partner with distinguished universities abroad as well as facilitate their own unique programs, giving Austin College students access to world-class courses in world-defining locations.

In addition to providing excellent academics, our study abroad providers also: 

  • organize cultural activities and excursions that further immerse students in their local environment 
  • coordinate internship, research, and service-learning opportunities that fit a student's goals 
  • arrange housing accommodations for the duration of a student's stay 
  • ensure health and safety through established protocols and in-country support 

Direct Exchange Options 

A direct exchange program is another study-abroad option that gives students the opportunity to enroll directly in a foreign institution and experience local student life, independent from a study abroad provider. Students apply directly to the institution, coordinate course selection, and arrange housing accommodations with the guidance of the Office of International Programs. A direct exchange program is recommended for highly independent students with advanced skills in a foreign language who wish to immerse themselves in a different culture and are comfortable with navigating a new environment with limited assistance. 

Austin College is proud to have established exchange partnerships with la Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro (the Autonomous University of Queretaro) and la Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco (the Autonomous University of Tabasco) and will support exchange opportunities with other universities around the globe.

Global Learning from the comfort of the Austin College Campus

You also have the chance to explore new cultures and immerse yourself in a new language right here in Sherman, Texas! In addition to study abroad semesters and other travel abroad opportunities woven through the academic experience, Austin College has two distinctive global learning opportunities waiting for you, 

Global Living & Learning Community 

Begin your journey at Austin College with a global learning focus amongst a community of like-minded peers. 

The first-year Global Living Learning Community is an opportunity for new students at Austin College to dive into global education as they settle into their new campus environment. Students will build camaraderie with like-minded students and explore the many ways of engaging with the world from the comfort of a small community. 

The Community 

The GLLC is located in the Jordan Family Language House, Austin College's residence hall dedicated to language immersion. Students who participate in the GLLC are a part of the Global Living pod. Each pod features suite-style bedrooms, a common kitchen, a dedicated lounge, and a courtyard. 

The Program 

The Goals 

By the end of their first year, students will: 

  • Explore in detail at least one global opportunity on campus 
  • Understand the global communities present within Sherman and the DFW area 
  • Gain confidence in both their academic and social life as they prepare for their second year 

Jordan Family Language House

Jordan Family Language House is a residence hall specifically designed to encourage students to immerse themselves in Spanish, French and German languages and cultures.  You apply for the residence hall through the language department in the spring semester of your freshman year.  

Nationally recognized as a leader among language house programs, for over 30 years the JFLH has provided students with the opportunity to earn academic credit while "living" the language and culture. As a member of the house, you will 

  • use the target language in everyday life 
  • share the latest films and music from the cultures 
  • Cook culturally appropriate meals 
  • play games, sing songs, or learn dances.

Ready to be part of the GLLC? Connect with your Admissions counselor and apply for the program today! 

GLLC Application