Federal Verification of FAFSA Data

See the complete Federal Verification Policy

Verification Instructions

To avoid verification delays, use the IRS Data Retrieval process when filing your FAFSA. Some applicants are not eligible for this process. For example, if your parents are married and filed separate returns they will each need to request an IRS tax return transcript (not the tax ‘account’ transcript) and send them to our office.

IRS Data Retrieval Process:

  • If you filed electronically, your information should be available on the IRS website within two weeks of the filing date.
  • If you mailed your tax return, your information should be available on the IRS website within eight weeks.

If you did not or were not able to use the IRS Data Retrieval Match Process, please submit your 2015 Student/ Spouse, if married, IRS tax return transcripts(s) and the 2015 Parent(s), if dependent, IRS tax return transcript(s) upon request. DO NOT send copies of 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ. These are no longer acceptable verification documents. In addition to the IRS tax return transcripts, our office may request other documentation to complete verification. You may be required to send in signed statements regarding your household size, child support documentation, food stamp documentation, high school completion status, Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose, a Confirmation of Number in College Form, W2s, etc. Our office will mail and/or email any missing documents required.

NOTE: If your marital status changed after January 1, 2016, you must send IRS tax return transcript(s) and all W-2s that reflect your current status to our office. If your marital status changed from married to single, you need to contact our office. You may request a 2015 tax return transcript from the IRS, free of charge, in one of four ways:

1. Online

  • Go to http://www.irs.gov.
  • Look in “Tools” Section.
  • Click “Order a Tax Return or Account Transcript” or set up a login and download a pdf version of the tax return transcript (login method recommended).
  • Follow instructions given.
  • Receive your tax transcript within 5 to 10 working days.

2. Telephone

  • Call IRS @ 1.800.908.9946.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Receive your tax transcript within 5 to 10 working days.

3. Paper

  • Download IRS Form 4506.
  • Mail or fax the completed form to the appropriate address.
  • Receive tax transcript within 5 to 10 working days.

If you file an extension for 2015, you will need to send our office a copy of IRS form 4868 or a copy of the IRS approval for an extension that goes beyond the automatic 6 months extension. We will also need copies of all W2s for each source of received in 2015. All verification documentation delays due to a tax filing extension must be turned in to our office by November 15 to avoid a return of any federal aid disbursed to the student’s account.