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Majors, Minors & Other Academic Programs

Curiosity can take you anywhere, our compass curriculum is your guide.

Explore and discover over 55 majors, minors, and unique academic programs, 9 pre-professional tracks, and the option to design your own major. Austin College is a place where “and” is normal. You will seamlessly blend your interests in subjects that span humanities, social sciences, and STEM. Not sure if you want to study Art or Science? Business or Philosophy? Economics or Environmental Studies? At Austin College, let “and” be your guiding principle. Discover your perfect pairing for your major and minor or double major.

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Have you ever found yourself wondering about the strange and unique behavior of our species, Homo sapiens? Would you like to discover how people live and think by digging deeper into world cultures, languages, and artifacts that we produce together as human beings? If you answered “yes,” then you may be especially well-suited to a major or minor in anthropology.  

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Are you someone who prefers to express yourself visually?  Are you drawn to creative expression, inspired by design, or delighted by making things with your hands? You will find a home in the art department, with a vibrant studio program that includes ceramics, film photography, digital imaging, drawing, painting, sculpture, and more.  You will pair your studio training with courses in art history to get a complete picture of the art world.  Your time in the program could lead to a wide array of careers, including museum and gallery work, art education, art therapy, medical illustration, graphic design, and even unexpected occupations like prosthetics design and custom guitar fabrication.

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When you look at a work of art, are you curious to learn more about the world in which the artist lived? As an Art History student, you will explore cultures throughout time using the art works they created as a lens.  As you analyze and interpret art works within their historical contexts, you will discover the connections between art and literature, history, philosophy, religion, economics, music, biology, political science, and even physics. Art History builds bridges between the visual arts and the worlds of nature and of human endeavors.  

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Did you know that in the last fifty years, there has been a revolution in understanding life at the molecular level?  These advances have helped humanity explore disease and life, and push the limits of what is known. While studying biochemistry, you will learn about the molecular and chemical building blocks that define life at the submicroscopic level.  You will learn how these processes should work and how disease can be understood by their disfunction.  You will conduct research to practice what you have learned in the classroom and develop critical thinking to engage with the challenging questions still being explored on campus and beyond. 

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Do you want to become a physician, tackle climate change, cure cancer, or figure out how to sustainably feed the world's population? Students are drawn to study biology for a variety of reasons, and after basic core courses during your first year, you will work with your faculty mentor to design a personalized path for your studies that is tailored to your interests and career goals. The biology program at Austin College offers research opportunities in the classroom, field, and lab, which sets you up for success, whether you plan to go to medical school, graduate school, or directly into a biology-related career.  

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Do you want to become a physician, tackle climate change, cure cancer, or figure out how to sustainably feed the world's population? Students are drawn to study biology for a variety of reasons, and after basic core courses during your first year, you will work with your faculty mentor to design a personalized path for your studies that is tailored to your interests and career goals. The molecular and cellular biology program at Austin College prepares you for your career in biomedical research or medicine and related allied health careers. 

Read More about Biology - Molecular & Cellular

Do you like leading and organizing people and projects? If so, business administration is the place for you. As a business administration major, you will dive in to explore the operational side of business, such as management, marketing, accounting, finance, economics, or entrepreneurship. The business lab courses and marketing practicum give you a glimpse of business in practice—not only in theory. 

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Do you want to learn key strategies in money management, banking, investing, and accounting? Sound investments can secure your financial success.  Study financial principles with tools and opportunities that will enable you to apply your skills to real-world situations such as our popular Student Investment Fund and business strategy simulation. 

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What will you CREATE at Austin College? Through CREATE you can conduct original research that is guided by a faculty mentor.CREATE is the home for student research at Austin College. Whether synthesizing new chemical compounds or creating new works of fiction, there are research opportunities for students in every discipline to go beyond what you learn in the classroom and create something new.

Read More about Center for Research, Experiential, Artistic & Transformative Education

Are you ready to explore the world down to its most basic elements and learn how chemistry is involved in drug discovery, environmental issues, and materials development? As a chemistry student at Austin College, you will work with state-of-the-art instruments, which are typically available only at graduate level programs and in research labs.  You can expect hands-on experience working directly with professors in innovative classroom, laboratory, and research settings.  Our nationally recognized program offers a Bachelor of Science which is American Chemical Society (ACS) certified, giving you an added advantage as you pursue graduate school or employment.   

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Are you curious about ancient Greece and Rome? How do their ideas continue to influence us today? Are you ready to dig deep—literally!—into the archaeology, mythology, and languages of the ancient world? By studying classical civilizations at Austin College, you will explore both the literary culture and physical artifacts produced by these civilizations from the Bronze Age through Late Antiquity, including the opportunity to participate in an active archeological dig in Greece. 

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Are you interested in reading the Greek of Homer, Sappho, and Plato? The Latin of Cicero, Vergil, and St. Augustine? Would you like to read the New Testament in the original?  As a Classics student, you will undertake a multidisciplinary study embracing all aspects of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations: languages and linguistics, literature, mythology, history, philosophy, religion, science, art, and archaeology.  

Read More about Classics

Did you know that the ability to communicate effectively is consistently listed as the number one skill employers look for in new hires? This evergreen skill is central to your study as a communication student. Through communications courses, you will explore the complexities of verbal and nonverbal communication and their importance in interpersonal, organizational, and cultural contexts. You will emerge with the knowledge and skills to bring people and organizations together in any field that you choose to pursue.

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Are you a student of the algorithms that are shaping the modern world? Whether you want to build a game, an app, or an AI, you may call yourself a Computer Science student, but we call you a problem solver and creator.  In a field that is constantly undergoing rapid change, our computer science program is designed to prepare you for immediate success and to lay the groundwork for the future. The curriculum addresses designing, building, and testing applications in a variety of programming languages on current platforms, while building your skills in mathematics, design, logic, engineering, communication, science, and programming.  

Read More about Computer Science

Do you love writing to express yourself? As a creative writing student at Austin College, you will learn how to craft effective stories and poems, build new worlds, and connect to your audience in powerful ways. You will enjoy small workshop classes, hands-on feedback from expert instructors, and opportunities to explore the landscape of publishing. Come and join our vibrant community of writers. Everyone has a story to tell. 

Read More about Creative Writing Studies

Are you interested in predicting the future? Do you want to use data to make informed decisions? Data Science and Analytics provides an interdisciplinary approach to prepare you in the acquisition, transformation, analysis, interpretation, and communication of data crucial to effective decision making. You will gain working knowledge of data analytic methods, based on a wide variety of data types, formats, and sources.  

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Are you interested in making an impact on the oral health of individuals? Learn more about your pathway to dental school at Austin College.

  • Pre-Professional Track
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Are you curious about the languages and cultures of East Asia and the reverberations they have on our culture today? Through the East Asian Studies major or minor, you can explore the culture, history, and political and intellectual developments of three major countries in East Asia: China, Japan, and Korea, in courses taught in English. You will learn about these three nations’ interactions through history, their mutual influence on the development of greater East Asian civilization, and the contemporary achievements and tensions within the broader region.  You can also build a foundation in the Japanese language.  

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Are you ready to unravel the mysteries behind scarcity, markets, and decision-making? Dive into the fascinating realm of economics at Austin College! Our program goes beyond textbooks, offering hands-on experiences and real-world insights that bring economic theories to life. Whether you're exploring the impact of government policies, analyzing market trends, or delving into the forces of supply and demand, our dynamic curriculum prepares you for a wide range of career paths in finance, consulting, public policy, and more.

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Austin College is known for producing some of the finest educators in the field. Are you ready to join their ranks? Education students at Austin College major in the discipline they want to teach and minor in education, preparing you with both subject matter expertise and specialized training in teaching. Many future teachers participate in the Austin Teacher Program (ATP), which allows you to complete a bachelor's degree and master's in teaching in 4.5-5 years. Take your position at the head of class and achieve your goal of becoming a dedicated and creative teacher

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Are you seeking an engineering program that is engaging, interactive, and centered on conducting authentic research? Learn more about the Engineering Pathways at Austin College.

  • Pre-Professional Track
Read More about Engineering

Are you interested in using mathematical and scientific skills to solve complex problems?  Engineering Physics at Austin College offers you a broad education with foundations in engineering and applied physics. With our distinctive emphasis on communication, collaboration, and critical thinking that goes beyond technical skills, the Engineering Program at Austin College offers specific advantages over a traditional engineering program.  You will learn in an engaging, interactive environment with small classes, conduct authentic research with professors in leading science and engineering fields, and develop a diverse set of skills to address 21st century challenges. 

Read More about Engineering Physics

Do you love reading but perhaps wonder how your reading and writing skills can change the world? As an English major, you will learn to think critically, examine situations from diverse perspectives, communicate effectively, and expand your viewpoint by exploring the identities and experiences of people from a wide range of cultural, historical, and ethnic backgrounds. You will tap into your creativity to solve problems, whether that’s by working with community organizations, tutoring in the Writing Center, presenting research at our student scholarship conference, learning how to work with AI, and building real world career-ready skills. 

Read More about English

Would you like to help solve some of the biggest issues facing our planet? At Austin College, we recognize environmental progress requires an interdisciplinary approach. With that in mind, as an environmental studies student, you will take courses ranging from biology to economics to philosophy, all to prepare for a career solving the world’s environmental problems. 

Your experiential learning may include aiding in the restoration of native ecosystems, holding internships at world-class organizations, and designing real sustainability projects for the College to adopt. 

Read More about Environmental Studies

Do you find yourself drawn to discussions and debates about the moral and ethical choices of individuals or organizations?  Is morality a matter of opinion?  If not, what makes something morally acceptable?  required?  wrong?  And why should you be moral, anyway?  Explore answers to these and related questions by examining ethical theories. The study of philosophy with a focus on ethics give you an understanding of the issues at the center of these questions, and will equip you with high-level reasoning skills that employers in every field are seeking.  

Read More about Ethics

Embark on a transformative journey with our French program, designed to immerse you in the rich language and culture of France and other French-speaking countries. Enhance your linguistic proficiency while enjoying French films, music, and culinary delights. Our experienced faculty and modern curriculum ensure you gain practical language skills and a deep appreciation of Francophone cultures, preparing you for a world of possibilities in international careers and cultural exploration.  

Read More about French

Are you interested in the intersections of power, gender, identity, sexuality, and society? As a gender studies student, you will explore issues with gender and sexuality at the center of academic inquiry. This is a program for everyone because gender binaries and hierarchies affect everyone, including straight white men. Join an academic community committed to broadening understanding of how one’s experience of gender differs depending on factors such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, and sexuality. 

Read More about Gender Studies

Warum sollte ich Deutsch lernen? Learning another language connects you globally. Are you interested in developing your proficiency in German and acquiring knowledge about and appreciation of literatures and cultures in the German-speaking world?  As a German student at Austin College, you will explore courses covering language and linguistics to literature studies, from folk traditions to film studies, but also includes contemporary issues such as environmentalism and immigration.   Whether your goal is to earn a prestigious Fulbright teaching fellowships, or obtain positions in the U.S. and abroad, positions in government and in NGOs, adding German to your Austin College experience will enrich your future career opportunities.  

Read More about German

Do you wonder what it takes to keep our health care systems running? How do health care organizations operate in syncopation with their many entities? As a Health Care Administration student, your foundational courses will cover the business and management side of health care, but also the policies, complexities, and ethics concerning human needs in the modern health care world. In this ever-changing and rapidly growing industry, your experience will build your critical thinking and problem-solving skills to present solutions to emerging issues that make a real difference in peoples’ lives and health.  

Read More about Health Care Administration

Are you fascinated by stories of the past?   When you study history, you immerse yourself in a series of ongoing debates about the world around you, how you got to where you are, and even who you are.  You will develop knowledge of diverse people and cultures while building valued critical thinking skills through examination of how the world has changed and continues to change. 

Read More about History

Are you intrigued by the intricate dance of currencies and markets across the globe? Ready to unravel the mysteries of international economics and finance? At Austin College, our International Economics and Finance major invites you on a journey into the dynamic world of global finance and trade. Dive deep into the complexities of international markets, trade policies, and financial systems, and gain the skills needed to navigate the interconnected world of global finance.

Read More about International Economics & Finance

As an international relations major, you will explore the great issues of politics in a rapidly changing, global environment. You will explore different approaches to the study of politics, employing historical, comparative, philosophical, legal, and experiential approaches to discipline. The department places heavy emphasis on student mastery of factual information, critical thinking skills, and effective writing and speaking skills, ensuring that you are prepared for careers in professional fields as law, policy research, teaching, journalism, management, and government service.

Read More about International Relations

Blend your interest in human performance and physical activity as a Kinesiology student at Austin College. You will be prepared to excel in athletic, fitness, teaching, or health-related professions including sports medicine, sports psychology, and related allied health careers such as athletic training and nutrition, or focus on sports management through the combined track that incorporates business administration and kinesiology.

Read More about Kinesiology

Curious about exploring ancient civilizations and the roots of modern languages? Pursuing a degree in Latin offers you a multifaceted journey blending history, linguistics, and critical thinking. Unlocking the complexities of Latin not only enhances your understanding of Western culture but also sharpens your analytical skills, preparing you for diverse career paths in academia, law, or even technology.    

Read More about Latin

Are you seeking a profession that is intellectually challenging, allows you to make a difference, or you seek to understand the connectedness of legal issues? Learn more about your pathway to law school at Austin College.

  • Pre-Professional Track
Read More about Law

How do you define leadership? What form does leadership take in your future? As a Leadership Studies student, you will study both contemporary and classical models of leadership and explore the effectiveness of different leadership strategies. All smart people are called upon to lead at some point in our lives, and through a Leadership Studies minor, you will learn to think critically, what it means to lead, develop self-knowledge, and hone your ability to act in a principled manner as a person of influence. 

Read More about Leadership Studies

This five-year master of arts program, with a four and half year* option, allows you to receive your bachelor’s degree in any of the liberal arts majors or minors offered by Austin College and continue your studies with graduate education courses, resulting in both a master’s degree and a teaching certification. Our program gives you hands-on experience in local classrooms as early as your freshman year and continues through your final semester.   

Read More about Master of Arts in Teaching

This five-year master of arts program, with a four and half year* option, allows you to receive your bachelor’s degree in any of the liberal arts majors or minors offered by Austin College and continue your studies with graduate education courses, resulting in both a master’s degree and a teaching certification. Our program gives you hands-on experience in local classrooms as early as your freshman year and continues through your final semester.   

Read More about Master of Medical Science - Physician Assistant Program

Do you enjoy solving problems with logic and reasoning, analyzing and interpreting data, identifying and describing patterns, and trying to answer some of the big questions of the universe?  No, we are not describing a major in philosophy, science, or art, but mathematics! Math is a cornerstone of Plato’s original liberal arts philosophy - what he thought every well-educated person should know. If you study math at Austin College, you will experience a personalized math education in a friendly environment as part of a small, tight-knit group of students and faculty who are all passionate about math and problem solving. You will also have plenty of opportunities for meaningful and collaborative research projects throughout the year. Math is part of everything, and there’s no limit to the careers available to trained mathematicians. 

Read More about Mathematics

Have you ever wanted to produce a film, write a screenplay, or understand with greater depth the role of celebrity in our culture?  As a Media Studies student, you will investigate the wide range of approaches to understanding and interpreting media forms and practices, especially television, film, video games, and the internet. Your courses will have you consider industries, audiences, and culture as you apply the theories and practices of Media Studies to analyze and interpret movies, TV, and more. This deeper media literacy is an increasingly important aspect of a wide variety of career fields, and a practical skill for any well-educated person.  

Read More about Media Studies

Do you want to use science to help people improve their quality of life? Are you curious about what the next breakthrough in medical science will unlock?  Learn more about your pathway to medical school at Austin College.

  • Pre-Professional Track
Read More about Medicine

Are you curious about all the buzz around mindfulness and mental health?  As a mindfulness and health studies student, you will explore academic study and experiential engagement in the emerging field of mindfulness and contemplative studies.  This program provides you with critical life skills and a foundation for flourishing in diverse fields, many of which already incorporate mindfulness training for personal enhancement, creativity, and productivity. 

Read More about Mindfulness and Health Studies

Is music your passion?  You’ve spent years in lessons, rehearsals, concerts, and contests, so don’t leave it behind—we can help you take your music to the next level.  A music major prepares you for many occupations and interests in music, including teaching and performing, and can be successfully combined with other majors, programs, and study abroad experiences.   

Read More about Music

Are you fascinated by the human brain and how it works on the most basic, microscopic level—and how those chemicals and cells ultimately contribute to who we are as a person? As a Neuroscience student, you will take courses in biology, psychology, chemistry, and philosophy to build a foundation for understanding the study of the brain and nervous system from molecules to behavior and thought. You will spend your four years involved in laboratory experiences that encourage hypothesis-driven problem solving and exposure to experimental design, data collection, statistical analysis, and communication of science to varied audiences.    

Read More about Neuroscience

Your humanities classes at Austin College directly support your career development, preparing you to become a leader in any field that you choose. You will learn how to fully leverage the skills of your liberal arts education in whatever dream you have of changing the world.

Read More about PATH

Are you interested in applying your scientific knowledge as you advise patients on how to take medicines and recommend the best medicine for particular conditions? Learn more about your pathway to Doctor of Pharmacy. 

  • Pre-Professional Track
Read More about Pharmacy

Do you realize you are “doing philosophy” all the time? Have you argued with a friend about what’s right? You’re doing ethics. Have you wondered if what you can see, touch, and taste is all that exists? You’re doing metaphysics. Have you worried about how to distinguish fact from fiction in the news? You’re using logic and critical thinking. Philosophy explores all these questions; and these courses will help you develop the skills to answer these questions and learn to ask better ones, which may be the most important skill of all.  

Read More about Philosophy

How do you understand and analyze complex issues like climate change, international conflict, and human rights? Studying PPE equips you to analyze these and many other issues from multiple angles, considering the philosophical underpinnings of fairness, the political institutions that shape behavior, and the economic consequences of decisions. Given its interdisciplinary nature, the PPE program offers students the opportunity to journey beyond the borders of any single discipline by offering an integrated study of philosophy, political science, and economics.  Examples of post-graduation opportunities include careers in law, foreign service, journalism, public office, think tanks, and post-graduate study in a variety of fields.   

Read More about Philosophy, Politics, & Economics (PPE)

You learn physics by DOING physics.  From the first-year Workshop Physics to the Advanced Research Experience, you will explore the exciting fields of physics, astronomy, and engineering with our fun, hands-on learning approaches. You will develop critical technical and leadership skills to become sought-after scientists and engineers for the 21st century. 

Read More about Physics

Do you hope to gain a better understanding of the political systems of the United States and countries around the world? As a political science student, you will explore basic theoretical, empirical, and methodological tenets of politics. You experience your learning in action through the Washington semester to the Asia-Pacific Scholars program. Your path after Austin College may lead you to professional fields such as law, policy research, teaching, journalism, lobbying, management, or public service - from the local through international level.   

Read More about Political Science

The Posey Leadership Institute at Austin College offers you the extraordinary opportunity to prepare for a life of leadership through experiential learning within and beyond the classroom. The Austin College approach incorporates skill-based opportunities for you to learn, apply, and test effectiveness as leaders through coursework, campus governance, student organizations, mentoring, and assessment. 

Read More about Posey Leadership Institute

Are you intrigued to learn more about “why humans think the way we think?” or “do the things we do?” As a psychology student, you will engage intellectually with the breadth and depth of psychological science through our small classes and practical experiences like labs and internships. Psychology is a hub science, with broad possibilities from counseling to neuroscience and many connections to other fields of study. These connections enable you to branch out from a psychology major into many different professions. 

Read More about Psychology

Are you interested in exploring ways to protect and promote the health of individuals, families, in communities, and globally? As a Public Health major, you will study courses ranging from epidemiology, maternal and child health, and global health to health care policy, health care law, health communications, and more.  These courses unify to promote health and mitigate the burden of disease on a community and global level through disease prevention, health promotion, advocacy, and encouraging appropriate policies.

Read More about Public Health

Have you wondered about the historical and cultural impact of religion, spirituality, mindfulness, and ritual on human civilization? Are you interested in exploring how religious traditions shape our understanding of society, politics, medicine/healing, gender dynamics, and social justice?  As a religious studies student, you will have the opportunity to learn about the histories, texts, and practices of many global religious communities from different disciplines and theoretical methods. Religious Studies majors and minors have gone on to positions in over twenty different fields, including medicine and healthcare, education, business, and non-profit work. 

Read More about Religious Studies

As a Social Justice minor, you will be equipped to engage social justice matters in your major and future career path, as this minor is a complement to any major with a multidisciplinary perspective on social justice. 

Read More about Social Justice

Every day, we make sense of our world by formulating simple theories about why people do the things they do, about the forces that hold our society together, and about its major problems.  

Read More about Sociology

¿Por qué estudiar español? In our global world, knowing a second language gives you an advantage in your career outlook, but also personally expands your knowledge of other cultures to be the bridge that unites humanity. As a Spanish student, you will build your proficiency in the Spanish language and study in-depth Spanish and Spanish-American literatures and cultures that can be leveraged in your future endeavors. 

Read More about Spanish

What makes learning science different at Austin College? The innovative STAR Leadership Program combines common-sense leadership studies with STEM education to produce future leaders of the scientific community. Learn how to communicate research findings, lead a team of research scientists, or enact real change.

Read More about STAR

Do you love using your creativity to put on shows, build lasting memories for yourselves and others, and gain tools that will help you thrive in any field? You can explore your talents, both on and off stage, as an actor, designer, director, writer, stage manager, and more - no experience needed! Of course, theatre isn't just about putting on shows (although we do that really well!).  You will learn about the past, present, and future of theatres, studying legendary playwrights and innovative techniques, and also explore the role theatre plays as a medium for cultural expression and a mechanism for social change. Whether you're planning a career in theatre or just want an unforgettable college experience, Austin College Theatre is a creative playground where you can unlock your imagination and create experiences that move the entire community.  

Read More about Theatre

Supporting a culture of writing at Austin College. Located in the Abell Library Center, the Scarbrough Center for Writing provides free peer writing assistance, writing workshops and resources, and support for the teaching of writing across campus. Working collaboratively with students and faculty, the Center aims to cultivate deep engagement with the writing and thinking practices that drive intellectual inquiry, civic engagement, and professional endeavors.

Read More about Writing Center


Austin College Bulletin

The Austin College Bulletin contains all announcements about courses, regulations, and costs. Students should consult the Bulletin corresponding to the academic year they entered AC to determine the requirements necessary for graduation. Students must follow these requirements or switch to a later Bulletin year by contacting the Registrar’s Office. 

Each academic program and department have a section in the Bulletin listing the majors and minors offered, the courses required for those majors and minors, and course descriptions of all courses taught in that department/program.