Campus Offices

Campus Offices are divided into five divisions, plus the Office of the President:

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs area of the college includes academic departments structured along disciplinary lines, academic programs which cross disciplinary lines, and academic support programs that serve the entire community.

Abell Library | Academics | Assessment | Centers & ProgramsInformation Technology | Registrar’s Office

Business Affairs

The Business Affairs area contains the programs of Business Office, Human Resources, Purchasing, Physical Plant, Campus Store, and Mailing and Printing Services.

Business Office | Human ResourcesMailing & Printing Services | Physical Plant

Institutional Advancement

The Institutional Advancement area of the college includes Development, Alumni Engagement, Advancement Communications and Estate Planning.

Advancement Communications | Alumni Engagement | Corporate & Foundation Relations | Development | Estate Planning and Development Services

Institutional Enrollment

The Institutional Enrollment area of the college contains the Office of Admissions and the Office of Financial Aid.

Office of Admission | Office of Financial Aid

Office of the President

The President of Austin College serves as chief executive officer, carries overall responsibility for the college, is responsible to the Board of Trustees, and assures that programs and policies set by the board are implemented. Structural and operational delegation is through the president, who is advised by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees.

Student Affairs & Athletics

The Student Affairs area includes the following programs: Athletics, Campus Police, Student Services, Health Sciences, the Religious Life Program, Student Engagement, Enrichment, and Development (SEED), Dining Services, and Educational Advising.

Academic Skills Center | Athletics | Auxiliary Enterprises | Campus Police | Career Services | Counseling Services
Health Services | Religious Life | Student Engagement, Enrichment, & Development | Student Wellness Programs