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The Campus Post Office, a component of Mailing & Printing Services, maintains domestic and international stamps and weighs and mails packages, including Express Mail, certified and return receipt letters. International letters and printed matter may be mailed at the Campus Post Office if they weigh less than 13 ozs., but packages weighing 13 ozs. or more require custom forms and must be mailed at a U.S. Post Office such as the Sherman Post Office. Although the Campus Post Office is not an official Post Office Sub-station, it does have regular pickup and delivery of U.S. Mail.

Federal Express and UPS packages may be shipped through Mailing & Printing Services (adjacent to the Campus Post Office). Mailing & Printing Services is not permitted to insure shipments, therefore, if an item requires insurance, it must be taken directly to the U. S. Post Office, Federal Express or UPS office.

There is a fax machine located in Mailing & Printing Services for receiving and sending messages.  The incoming fax number is 903.813.3199.  If you receive a fax, you will be notified by a notice in your mailbox.  There will not be a charge for the first page; however, a 25-cent fee will be charged for each additional page.  The fee for sending a fax is $1.00 for the first page and $0.50 per page thereafter.

Each Austin College student is assigned a mailbox and combination at registration.  It is important you check your box daily since the College uses campus mail for official communication with students (including course registration materials, etc.).  In order to assure prompt delivery of your mail, use the following address format for your incoming correspondence:

Your Name
900 N. Grand Ave., STE XXXXX (Your 5 digit box number)
Sherman, TX   75090-4400

On Campus Communication:

  1. No communication will be accepted on paper less than 3″ by 5″.
  2. Mailings of 10 or more pieces should be in numerical order by mailbox numbers.
  3. The College discourages the use of mass mailings.  Exceptions to this guideline can be granted by the Dean of Student Engagement, Enrichment, and Development (SEED) (for student mailings), the Vice President for Academic Affairs (for faculty mailings), and the Office of Human Resources (for staff mailings).
  4. Only chartered organizations are allowed to place mass mailings in campus mailboxes.  These communications must be identified by the name of the organization. These mailings still require approval from the department of Student Engagement, Enrichment, and Development (SEED).
  5. Anyone with permission to distribute questionnaires which require an answer to be returned through the mail should alert the Campus Post Office so a separate box can be provided.
  6. Student Organizations using campus mailings smaller than stated sizes, refer to the Student Organization Handbook.

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