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Students on CampusCollege Programs

Service Programs

  • ACtivators are a group of students of various church memberships who work with the Director of Church Relations to plan and lead Presbyterian Church youth ministry events throughout the Southwest.
  • Roo Bound is an opportunity for Austin College students to become active in the Sherman community. Students participating in this program provide support and encouragement for low-income children ages 6-10 through group recreational, cultural, intellectual, and social activities.
  • Service Station - Alternative Spring BreakSaturday Morning Program (SMP) is an opportunity for Austin College students to become active in the Sherman community. Students participating in this program provide support and encouragement for low-income children ages 6-10 through group recreational, cultural, intellectual, and social activities.
  • Service Station is the central office for coordinating and facilitating community service by Austin College students. Opportunities include Alternative Spring Break program and the Great Day of Service. (WCC 115, 903.813.2333)

Social Programs

  • Campus Activities BoardCampus Activities Board (CAB) is responsible for planning, promoting and implementing a wide variety of activities on campus for all AC students. Events include bands, comedians, participatory events, a movie series, and a variety of other events. (WCC 213, 903.813.2308,

Campus Publications

  • Observer is the bi-monthly student newspaper that covers events on campus and around the world. (WCC 263, 903.813.2296)
  • Suspension is the Austin College student literary magazine. Produced by students and supported through the English department.

Chartered Organizations

Habitat for Humanity ProjectService Organizations

  • Alpha Phi Omega (APO) is a national service fraternity. The Phi Xi chapter was founded at Austin College in 1970 to help the College through service projects. Its main purpose is to assemble college students in fellowship, develop leadership, promote friendship, and provide service to humanity.
  • Habitat for Humanity works to implement the gospel of Jesus Christ at Austin College and elsewhere by working with economically disadvantaged people to help them create a better human habitat in which to live and work.
  • Rotaract allows students the opportunity to work independently and with rotary clubs to serve the local and global community while gaining a better understanding of the world which we live in.

Cheerleaders - Fall 2016Spirit Organizations

  • Aussies is the dance team formed in 1995 to promote school spirit and provide entertainment during the halftimes of various sporting events.
  • Cheerleaders and the Mascot are integral parts of the athletic program. These hardworking students help rally the crowd during sporting events.
  • Pep Band was formed in 1998 to promote school spirit at various college activities, primarily at athletic events.

Social Action

  • ACCares is the organization formed to make the Austin College community aware of the impact of AIDS/HIV on their lives and others in the community, encouraging students to be educated and compassionate about AIDS/HIV.
  • Sherman Community GardenAmnesty International is a worldwide movement that works for releasing all prisoners of conscience and ending tortures and executions. The Austin College chapter strives for equal human rights for all people and works to educate the campus about these issues.
  • Environmentally Concerned Organization of Students (ECOS) is dedicated to the student and preservation of the environment. ECOS coordinates a campus recycling program, shares information, sponsors Earth Day, and organizes environmentally-oriented service projects and activities.
  • Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a group of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual students and faculty concerned with providing a safe environment for students, regardless of sexual orientation. The group discusses topics related to harassment against and the rights of gay, lesbian, and bisexual people.


  • Asian Student Association (ASA) is an organization that celebrates East and South Asian culture and values, and provides educational programming to the Austin College campus.
  • AC KangaRAAS is a nationally competitive dance organization that practices and performs “Raas,” a celebrated art form.
  • Asian Student Association (ASA) is an organization that celebrates East and South Asian culture and values, and provides educational programming to the Austin College campus.
  • Black Expressions (BE) is an organization the promotes unity and enhances an awareness of the African-American culture for Austin College, as well as the surrounding community.
  • Catholic Student Association (CSA) provides an environment filled with social and spiritual activities in an atmosphere that allows for the well-being of its members in the Catholic faith.
  • Los AmigosHindu Students Association’s (HSA) purpose is to educate the campus community about the Hindu faith and culture through traditional, religious, informative and service related events.
  • Indian Cultural Association (ICA) celebrates Indian culture and values which includes different religious beliefs, music, food, etc.
  • Jewish Students Association’s purpose is to celebrate Jewish culture and values while learning about the Jewish faith through traditional, religious, informative and service related events.
  • Los Amigos is an organization that strives to promote awareness of the Hispanic culture and provide support services for students of Hispanic backgrounds. Los Amigos is also committed to improving relationships with the greater Hispanic community.
  • Muslim Student Association (MSA) is an organization that promotes the religion and culture of Islam on the Austin College campus.
  • Student International Organization (SIO) is an organization which provides cultural awareness in the Austin College community. It is for International students, students returning from or planning to study abroad, and students interested in other cultures.


  • Biology Interest Group - Reptile DayAlpha Psi Omega is an organization designed to stimulate interest in dramatic activities in Austin College.
  • Austin College Chemical Society invites those with an elevated interest in the field of chemistry for research, career, personal, and field development and involvement in the community.
  • Austin College Student Democrats seek to advance the cause of more responsible and efficient government on the local, state and national level. They promote the ideals of the Democratic Party, unify members of the party on campus, and develop increased involvement and political responsibility of those members.
  • Austin College Young Republicans seeks to further inform Austin College students of the importance of politics through open, consistent, campus political discussion.
  • Biology Interest Group (BIG) is interested in encouraging students to share their enthusiasm for biology, acting as a forum for the discussion of biological topics, providing information about careers and educational opportunities that are available for graduate studies, and promoting interest in the vast field of biology.
  • Classics Club exists for the purpose of promoting interest and awareness of Ancient Greek and Roman cultures among those studying Greek and Latin languages and ancient history.
  • Computer Science & Robotics Club (CSAR) seeks to promote academic and social development in the field of computer science and robotics.
  • Delta Omicron is an organization that, in partnership with the Music Department of AC, supports the pursuit of musical education.
  • English Country Dance Club was formed to teach the community the historical English Country Dance steps celebrated between the 17th and 21st centuries.
  • French Club was established to celebrate and learn about the rich culture of France.
  • German Club was established to educate and celebrate the German culture amongst the student body.
  • Philosophy Club was organized to continually engage in the search for wisdom and truth.
  • Pre-Dental Society is a career-oriented student organization.
  • Pre-Law Society is a career-oriented student organization. Speakers of various legal interests are invited to share their expertise and insight about this growing career. Texas Law School Admission personnel, area attorneys, and prominent legally-oriented political figures are common guests.
  • Pre-Health Society was organized to provide a support network for the health science students at Austin College.
  • Psychology Club is an organization for any person interested in psychology. Discussions and speakers concerning current issues in the field provide opportunities to pursue learning outside the classroom.
  • Student Organization of Modern Art (SOMA) provides a healthy outlet for artistic creation for Austin College students.
  • Students Today Alumni Tomorrow (STAT) represent and promote Austin College as Ambassadors who assist in hosting college loyalty, fellowship & stewardship programs between college alumni, donors, friends, and students, past present and future.
  • Society of Physics Students (SPS) facilitates the understanding of the science of physics while stimulating and promoting an interest in physics among the Austin College community.


  • Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) provides prolonged opportunities for fellowship, while presenting the claims of historical Christianity in an intelligent manner with a vision of worldwide missions.

Honor Societies

Honor Societies are created to recognize outstanding academic achievements of students upon fulfillment of requirements and criteria set by the individual organization.

  • Alpha Chi (AC) A national honorary society devoted to the promotion and recognition of scholarship effective among the undergraduate students in the academic division of the colleges and universities in the United States.  Each year the faculty elects to the Alpha Chi membership the appropriate number of qualified candidates. Candidates for Alpha Chi are elected from the top ten percent of the senior class and the top five percent of the junior class.
  • Alpha Psi Omega (AYW) is a national honorary society for those doing standard work in dramatics.
  • Beta Beta Beta (BBB) is a national honorary society for students in the biological sciences. Its purpose is three fold: stimulation of sound scholarship, dissemination of scientific knowledge and promotion of biological research.
  • Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity is an organization whose mission is to promote and support excellence in music and musicianship.
  • Delta Phi Alpha (DFA) is a national honorary society recognizing students who excel in the study of the German language.
  • Eta Sigma Phi (ESF) is a national honorary fraternity for junior and senior students of Latin and/or Greek. To become a member in the Austin College chapter, Gamma Upsilon, a student must have completed at least four semesters of Latin and/or Greek with a “B” average of better.
  • Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE) an international honor society for students in economics.
  • Phi Alpha Theta is a national honor society for students interested or majoring in History.
  • Phi Beta Kappa (FBK) is a national honor society for students exhibiting excellence in the liberal arts and sciences.
  • Phi Sigma Iota (FSI)is the national foreign language honor society. This society recognizes outstanding ability and high standards in the fields of foreign languages, literatures, and cultures. Members must be junior and senior undergraduate students of foreign languages who have at least a “B” average in their entire college work and all foreign language courses.
  • Pi Delta Phi (PDF) is a national honor society in French for advanced students of the French language and literature. To be eligible for membership a student must have the equivalent of a “B” average for all courses taken and must have gone into advanced French courses. Thus recognition is given to excellent scholarship in general and to scholarship in the French language and literature in particular.
  • Pi Gamma Mu (PGM) is an international honor society in the social sciences for superior junior and senior students who have completed at least six courses in history, politicgoal science, sociology, anthropology, and/or economics, and have shown campus leadership.
  • Pi Sigma Alpha (PSA) is a national honor society for political science students. Students in international studies are also eligible for membership.
  • Psi Chi (YC) is the national honor society for psychology students. Membership is restricted to those students who have at least a 3.0 in all psychology courses. Additionally, eligibility is limited to those students who have completed Experimental Psychology and at least two other psychology courses.
  • Sigma Delta Pi (SDP) is a national honor society for advanced students of the Spanish language and culture. Its purpose is to foster appreciation and knowledge of the cultural manifestations of Spanish speaking people. Junior and senior students whose GPA is “B” or above and who have had at least one course in Spanish literature are eligible for membership.
  • Sigma Pi Sigma (SPS) is the national honor society for outstanding students in physics. Membership is restricted to students who have demonstrated superior achievement in advanced courses.

Spring Choir Tour 2015Musical Organizations

Any student who meets the qualifications of the specific organization may audition. Auditions for the various organizations are generally held during the first week of the fall term in Craig Hall and are open to all students, regardless of their major. Participating students may elect to register for zero credit. Majors should register for zero credit.

  • Woodwind, Brass, and String Ensembles consist of performing groups ranging in size from three to ten players which specialize in chamber music from Baroque through contemporary periods. The standard, as well as lesser-known works for each medium are covered, stressing ensemble techniques and performance practices appropriate for the period under consideration. Several on-campus and off-campus recitals are given each year, including guest appearances at other colleges and universities.
  • Austin College Jazz Ensemble consists of one full 20-piece Big Band as well as small combos that perform both standard and contemporary literature. Regularly scheduled appearances throughout the year include those on campus and at various area colleges and high schools, providing valuable solo and ensemble performance experience to anyone interested in this medium.
  • A Cappella Choir is a select group of singers that makes frequent concert appearances and tours; all types of music are included in its repertoire but special emphasis is placed on sacred music. All registration is for S/W only, non-credit.
  • Chorale provides an opportunity for students to participate in a choral ensemble regardless of past experience and membership ranges from music major to choral novice. The Chorale builds upon the students’ enthusiasm for choral singing and a willingness to develop musical skills. Previous experience is helpful. An audition is required for placement.
  • Austin College Concert Band is a new large ensemble organized to play the standard concert band repertoire and will perform on and off campus at least once a semester. All percussion, brass, and woodwind players with high school experience are encouraged to audition.
  • Sherman Symphony Orchestra, sponsored jointly by the College and Sherman Musical Art, Inc., is a volunteer and professional organization of approximately 65 members, which performs works from the standard classical orchestral repertoire.

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Hindu Students Association’s purpose is to educate the campus community about the Hindu faith and culture through traditional, religious, informative and service related events.