Board of Trustees

Caruth Administration BuildingThe Board of Trustees is responsible for the entire College and its operation. Through the President, the Board provides for the participation in College governance of individuals and campus constituency groups, beginning with the delegation of responsibilities through the College's executive leadership. Austin College trustees represent a broad range of professionals and community leaders who generously serve, sharing their leadership, time, and resources.


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Todd A. Williams ’82, Outgoing Chair
David R. Corrigan '81, Incoming Chair
Becky R. Sykes ’67, Vice Chair


Austin College Board of Trustees:

  • Brian Ainsworth '85, Dallas, Texas
  • John M. Andersen ‘66, Dallas, Texas
  • Lee Dean Ardell '74, Houston, Texas
  • Scott Austin ’83, Dallas, Texas
  • James D. Baskin III '75, Austin, Texas
  • Brent E. Christopher, Dallas, Texas
  • Joseph J. Clifford, Dallas, Texas
  • David Corrigan ’81, Dallas, Texas
  • William M. Crook '80, Houston, Texas
  • Joanie Darden '87, Ft. Worth, Texas
  • Bill Douglass, Sherman, Texas
  • Craig Florence’84, Dallas, Texas
  • Michael N. Foster, Jr. '86, Dallas, Texas
  • Rebecca Moseley Gafford '72, Dallas, Texas
  • Donald M. Gibson '75, Houston, Texas
  • Sarah Gunderson '81, Dallas, Texas
  • Thomas G. Hall, Jr. '78, Colleyville, Texas


  • Mary Ann Harris '70, Fort Worth, Texas
  • James J. Hartnett ‘79, Dallas, Texas
  • Ron Kirk '76, Dallas, Texas
  • Jeffrey Landsberg '81, Dallas, Texas
  • Todd Liles '87, San Francisco, California
  • Patricia Manning-Courtney ‘87, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Holly Mace Massingill '94, Austin, Texas
  • Luan Beaty Mendel '75, Mammoth Lakes, California
  • James W. "Wes" Moffett '82, Dallas, Texas
  • Kirk L. Rimer, Plano, Texas
  • Ann Ross '66, Dallas, Texas
  • Steven S. Schiff '71, Dallas, Texas
  • Ronald T. Seal, Denison, Texas
  • Rebecca Simmons ’78, San Antonio, Texas
  • Linda Plummer Ward '78, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Tom Welfelt '74, Dallas, Texas
  • Ruth Whiteside ‘64, Kensington, Maryland