Teaching/Course Certification Requirements


General Course Requirements

So You’re Thinking About Teaching?

A great place to begin is Education 115: American Education: A Changing Landscape
(counts for Social Science breadth dimension.)

General Education Courses required for all students who are seeking to teach:

Course Course Also Counts Towards
C/I or English Equivalent C/I Requirement
English 114 or AC writing requirement Writing Competency
History 162 or 163 US History Humanities Breadth
One Psychology (Psy 296 – Life Span Psychology, Psy 330 – Educ Psychology) Social Science Breadth and Education Minor
*Education 115 Social Science Breadth & Education Minor
*Education 225 Social Science Breadth & Education Minor – has field placement/lab
*Education 351 Education Minor-has 35 hr. field placement/lab
*Education 475 Education Minor- has 45 hr. field placement/lab
AC Quantitative Competency
AC Foreign Language Competency

Guidelines and Important Notes Regarding Education Classes

  1. Undergraduate Education courses must be taken in sequence and no two courses may be taken concurrently.  The course may not be taken as a directed study unless the Chair of the Education Department gives special approval.
  2. Students must have satisfactorily completed Education 225 to take Education 351 and must satisfactorily complete Education 351 to take Education 475.
  3. Education 115, 225, 351 and 475 require a field experience in local schools – Education 225 (10 hours), Education 351 (35 hours) and Education 475 (45 hours) in addition to class time.
  4. Must have a B- overall GPA in your Education 225 and 351 courses to be qualified to take Education 475.
  5. The requirements for the Education minor replicate much of the requirements for the General Education Requirements.

See the Austin College Bulletin (Academic Catalog) for more details.

Teaching Certification Requirements

The Austin Teacher Program offers the following teaching certification options:

Early Childhood through Sixth Grade Generalist: Students seeking EC-6 certification may select a major or minor in one of the following academic fields:  art, biology, English, French, German, history, mathematics, music, exercise and sport science (special option), psychology, Spanish, or Communication, Media Studies and Theatre.

Grades Four through Eight: 

Grades Six through Twelve: Students seeking 6-12 Physical Science certification must select a major in either Chemistry or Physics.

Grades Seven through Twelve: 

All Level (Kindergarten through Twelve): Students seeking all level (K-12) certification must select a major or minor in their teaching field.