Dr. Hass with the Buehler Family at Parent's ReceptionA college education is an investment for a lifetime and finding the college where your sons and daughters will reach their potential, discover new strengths, and prepare for the future is important.


Don't limit options based on cost alone. A college education is one of the most important investments—and the return on that investment—will affect the rest of an individual's life. Also, be sure to check out the availability of financial aid.


  • "Fit" is essential. The college where friends are attending, where family members have attended, or where the student would be close to home are good colleges, but they might not be the right college for your child. He or she will spend four important years at the institution and will need to find the college that meets goals for the future and provides an environment in which he or she can thrive.
  • Campus visits are fundamental to the college choice process. Brochures, college guides, and online information can help narrow the field, but campus visits are the best ways to discover the characteristics and academic and co-curricular offerings of a college.
  • Deadlines are a crucial part of the admission, scholarship, and financial aid process. Help your student keep track of test dates, application deadlines, visit dates, etc.